Keishadad does not cry. Her father, Mr. Jimmie Vardy, is the kind of manwho builds a shed once in a blue moon. He rarely loses his temper,but will shoot out a curse word if he is irritated. The fact that herarely loses his temper does not imply that he is emotionless. Mr.Vardy is my neighbor. Keisha and I were at the family playgroundenjoying a cool breeze when her father came bawling his eyes out witha roll of tissue paper. It was as if what I knew about her dad didnot exist anymore. Tears spilled from his eyes and ran down hischeeks in two lines on both sides. This rang a bell in my mind thatsomething was wrong. I had not seen Keisha’s father shedding tearsin my entire life time. He gathered enough courage and informed usthat Keisha’s mother had passed away. Keisha was only 12 years oldwhen this fateful incident occurred. I will never forget that winter,15 years ago when Keisha’s mother bite the dust.

Keishacried too, but not for the same reasons as her dad. At the moment,she sat next to her father, holding her mother’s picture. This daywas the saddest day in Keisha’s life. A mother’s love isirreplaceable. Her mother was the most important person in her life.Each time thoughts of her mother crossed her mind she developed awarm feeling in her heart. However, all this changed when shereceived the saddest news that completely confused her. Death hadrobbed the society as a whole a good mother. Keisha’s mother wasfirst diagnosed with cancer, when Keisha was nine months old. Afterseveral therapies her mother’s health condition improved. Hermother narrated fairytales to Keisha every evening. This developed anintimate relationship among them. Death had taken away an importantperson in her life. “Death why are you so cruel? When will you everbe satisfied?” Keisha cried out.

Inher childhood, she expressed grief in a variety of ways. She alwayscomplained of physical discomforts, such as headaches, distress, andother challenges such as co-operation in school (Atkinson,2015).She rarely expressed her grief verbally, but this is normal inchildren. Also, she always showed the intensity of grief as she grewup. Keisha was always stressed because she could not laugh and crackjokes with her maternal mother anymore. This affected herpsychologically. Keisha’s father nurtured her very well till shecompletely managed the situation. Her father took a more active rolein caring for her. Her father geared up to ensure that he deliveredthe best. Mr. Vardy woke up very early and prepared Keisha forschool. He packed her lunch, wrote her “have a good day” notes,and drove her to school. Keisha and her father interacted daily andbecame best friends. In the streets of Chicago, the two often walkedholding hands and chatted animatedly. Most of Keisha’s friends, ifnot all, envied the close relationship between Keisha and her father.

Atschool, Keisha was among the bright pupils. She excelled in herstudies and attained good grades that enabled her to enroll in one ofthe prestigious University in New York. She had a passion forstudying computer science. Her good grades landed her in the computerscience field. Besides, she also engaged herself in parties togetherwith her friends. This was her usual trend after a busy week. On her20th birthday, she was too drunk and on her way back home she fellinto a nearby river. There was a nearby person who saw her andquickly dived into the river to save her life. He managed to save herlife and escorted her back home. When Keisha came back to her senses,her friends narrated to her how a passing gentleman rescued her fromdeath. The gentleman’s name was Harry, and he also left his numberwith Keisha’s friends. Keisha called him back and invited him for acup of coffee. Harry had graduated the previous year with a degree inbusiness administration. They met and shared some life experiences.Also, Keisha offered him a present for saving her life. Therelationship between Keisha and Harry continued to grow day in, dayout. In fact, Keisha explained to her friends that she wastransformed into another world by the relationship. She always feltlike she was the only girl in the world. Keisha continued to excel inher studies and managed to attain first class honors. Her father andfriends were happy and joined her in the celebrations

Inher adulthood she had gathered relevant knowledge and managed todevelop business software. She developed software’s that would linkcomputers in an office. However, she lacked enough funds to completethe project. She thought of selling the draft projected to one of thebusiness firms in Chicago. Her friend Alicia introduced her topinnacle firm business manager. Keisha met with the firm’s manageto discuss the project’s cost. The manager surveyed the project,and he changed some passwords without informing Keisha. He laterclaimed that he could not manage to buy the project. Keisha went backhome disappointed for the company had rejected her bid. Things gotworse when Keisha realized that her passwords had been changed. Shewas comforted by her boyfriend, Harry that she will recover theproject back. They tried to trace the manager, but unfortunately, themanager had relocated to India. Both Harry and Keisha did not give upand relocated to India. Keisha`s father financed them and encouragedthat they will still find the project.

ThoughKeisha took ages to trace the manager, her hard work finally borefruits when Harry met the manager. Harry approached the manager andpretended to be a poor man who is looking for a grounds man job. Themanager offered him the job. This was the chance to recover theproject. The manager left early in the morning for work as usual.Keisha joined Harry, and she managed to change the passwords usingher secret word. The manager was to sell the project in a businesssummit the next day. Keisha and Harry attended that business Summit.The project did not open when the manager started his presentation.Keisha stood up and walked majestically to the podium. She explainedto the audience that the manager stole her project. She then openedthe project and demonstrated how it works. The business competitionorganizers awarded her $45 million dollars.

Keisha’sfather was happy to hear that they had managed to recover theproject. Keisha is happily married to Harry, and they have a ninemonths old baby boy. Currently, she is 27 years and works as asoftware developer in Chicago, Ohio. In addition, Keisha hasdeveloped a social organization to help the less fortunate in thesociety. The idea to develop social organization was propelled bythe good nurturing she received.


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