Personalstatement on the Hotel Management Course

Despitethe low grades at the university, the passion I have for HotelManagement course is a great driving force for my success. Since Iwas a child, I have had the passion for the industry. The hospitalityindustry has always been my ideal career choice since my youngeryears. My family owns a hotel back in China and I have never feltoverwhelmed helping out as it is while working there, that Idiscovered my passion. There are business rewards that come as aresult of effective use of resources in hotel industry in terms ofprofits. In addition, hotel management is one of the fastest growingbusinesses in hospitality industry.

Forthis reason, there are many career opportunities that are set out forstudents who undertake this course. However, it is worth noting thatthis business is particularly competitive and may require dedicated,skilled and hardworking individuals. For this reason, it requiresspecific personality traits that can enable an individual deliver andthus thrive successfully. I believe that I have all the rightpersonality traits and skills needed in pursuing a career in hotelmanagement industry.