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Attention: Committee on Course and Standing

Office of Academic Standing, Room 3219B

Brooklyn College, CUNY

2900 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11210-2889

Dear Committee Members,

I am writing this to kindly request for the approval and satisfactionof my Nutrition course SCI7000 which I pursued at KingsboroughCommunity College. I believe that the syllabus coverage in myNutrition Course is consistent with the Pathways General Requirementsunder Life and Physical Sciences.

There is a very close correlation between the content covered in myNutrition course SCI7000 and the Chemistry Syllabus. The 2016syllabus of Brooklyn College Chemistry 1007 focuses on food, cooking,and sustainability. It covers diverse areas which are similar to theones I learnt in my Nutrition Course. For instance, chapter 13 ofChemistry Syllabus talks about metabolism, the energy gained fromfood as well as diet on the basis of quality and quantity.Correspondingly, the same content was also covered in my NutritionCourse under Chemical and Physical Properties of Carbohydrates,Sugars, Starches, and Fiber as well as the physical and chemicalproperties of oils fats and other lipids.

In addition, chapter 6 of the 2016 Chemistry 1007 syllabus discussesthe nitrogen cycle and the source of amino acids and proteins.Similar content was also covered in my Nutrition Course syllabusunder Energy Balance and Mass flow Control. It is for the same reasonas well as other identical areas, I strongly believe that myNutrition Course is consistent and in line with the Pathways GeneralRequirements and therefore, it should be considered for approval.

I hope that the Committee on Course and Standing will deliberate andapprove the appeal presented on my Nutrition Course to be appliedtowards Pathway General Requirements will really appreciate.

Thank you for your consideration


Nikita Kuznetsov


Juszczak, L. Brooklyn College Chemistry 1007. 1st ed. 2016.Print.