What is the effect of increasing hospital staff on the outcome oftreatment of patients admitted at the intensive care unit over agiven duration of time?


Patients admitted at the intensive care unit need coordination amongthe healthcare practitioners for a positive outcome. However, despitethe critical conditions patients face, they do not get treatment intime because of the lack of adequate personnel. The shortage of staffpresents a challenge when it comes to the provision of services tocritically ill patients.


The hospital administration should enact a mechanism that facilitatesthe hiring of extra staff to meet the shortage. It would result inpatients receiving quick services at the right time. It would behelpful in improving the quality of services offered in the intensivecare unit.


An increase in healthcare practitioners would positively impact theoutcome of services offered. Patients would not stay for longerdurations of time in the hospital.


The treatment outcomes for patients can be compared when the numberof staff in the hospital is high to when they are few.


The length of duration of stay in the intensive care unit is a factorin measuring the impact of an increase in hospital staff.

How was Question Developed?

The question was developed through observation of how services wereoffered in the intensive care unit. The acute shortage of hospitalstaff adversely affected the manner in which patients were treated.Through observation, it was seen that patients stayed for a longduration of time at the intensive care unit. The number of staffavailable to attend to them was small, hence the inadequate servicesthey received.

Importance of Clinical Question

The question lays a foundation through which measures can be enactedto see to it that the overall number of hospital staff available toattend to patients is increased.


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