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In a young hospitalized patientcurrently receiving I.V antibiotics (P), would the initiation of soapand water hand washing precautions in addition to the use of handsanitizers at the initiation of antibiotic therapy (I) compared tothe time of confirmed Clostridium difficile infection (C), decreasethe prevalence of Clostridium difficile infection in the overallpopulation of hospitalized patients (O) over a 12 month period (T).

The above question got developedthrough focusing on the PICOT criteria. The involved sections of thequestion entailed the following the population of focus whichcomprised of young individuals. The interventions done on this group,which entailed antibiotic therapy and hand washing prectices.thecontrol or comparison group was that of the overall hospitalpopulation.finaaly the outcome of the proposed interventions gotanalyzed over a specified period of time.

The importance of this questionto my clinical practice is that, it might help in the control ofadministration of antibiotics that might tamper with other bacteria’sin the intestines that keep Clostridium difficult in check.

The question might also lead tothe opening of other areas for research where issues on the use ofantibiosis might get explored so as to try and determine the effectsof both the broad and narrow spectrum antibiotics on intestinalnormal flora.


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