Plagiarismis the undocumented or unauthorized use of another person’s workeither through quotes or long sentences without proper citation. Inthe academic context, plagiarism is considered to be a very seriousoffence. For this reason, there are strict and harsh academicdisciplinary actions that are taken to anyone who is found committingthe intellectual crime of plagiarism.

Presently,there are many individuals from various academic levels who have thepressure, desire and the ambition to succeed. For instance, manystudents have the desire of attaining academic success thateventually guarantee decent jobs in their future careers. Academicsuccess is tied at attaining and maintaining good grades that wouldensure a safe and easy transition to the next levels of success. As aresult, many students are caught up with the temptation ofplagiarizing in order to keep their academic performance attractive.

Ihave a number of ways through which I can avoid being an academicoffender as far as plagiarism is concerned. The first method thathelps me to eliminate the prospects of plagiarizing is by learninghow to properly reference academic work. There are a large number ofstudents who have no idea how to properly reference any informationthat is acquired from another person’s work. I had to learn how toreference. For this reason, I do not commit the academic offence ofplagiarism. I use online resources that teach how to reference andthe guides at the students Success Center. At the same time, thelibrary is a resource and has various literatures that help me learnhow to reference material from outside sources that is considered notoriginal work.

Thereare significant learning benefits from the topic of plagiarism,especially during this era that is evidenced by vast blog entries. Itis indeed great to learn that the literature community is committedto protecting work done by original authors. This academic valuehelps the academic community to be responsible and accountable tounattributed or borrowed work. This is especially during this era ofintense commercialization.