PositioningStatement and Motto

  1. Target Customers

Amazonis a global company and is therefore not hindered by demographicboundaries. Amazon targets shoppers looking for a greater variety ofproducts at the best market prices. Amazon’s customers are themiddle and upper class individuals who have access to technology andcan navigate the online market. The targeted population usually doesnot have time to shop from physical outlets and prefer theconvenience of online shopping. A huge proportion of Amazon’sglobal target markets are young persons between 18 years and 40years.

Howdoes the company reach its customers/users? What methods and mediadoes the company use to reach the customers/users?

Amazonrelies on the ability of its website to bring repeat customers andnew customers through recommendations from existing users andcustomer reviews. The efficiency of the website in terms of speed,easy navigation, and incredible personalization is a greatadvertisement on its own. Additionally, Amazon collaborates withother companies such as google and yahoo where the partners advertiseamazon to their customers. Avenues such as google ads provide themost effective advertisement platform for amazon. Moreover, thecompany runs television advertisements in all of its global markets.Amazon television advertisements are known for their ingenuity andcreativity across the global markets.

Whatwould grab the customers/users’ attention? Define thecustomers/users according to their demographics and psychographicinformation. How do they want to be perceived?

Atamazon, what grabs the user’s attention is the incredible loadingspeed at the company’s website. The easiness of navigation and theuser friendliness of the website excite every customer. Additionally,Amazon performs incredible personalization making it easier for thecustomers to find their products. Moreover, Amazon provides a cleardisplay of customer reviews for customers to make informed decisions.

Definethe customers/users according to their demographics and psychographicinformation.

Amazoncustomers are mostly young individuals ranging from 18 to 50 years. The majority of the customers are in the 18-40 years age bracket. Thecompany has customers from all genders. The gender composition ofAmazon’s market in balanced, only differing in their purchasingpatterns and the products purchased. Amaz0n customers come from themiddle and upper class of their respective markets. The customersoperate multiple online payment platforms like PayPal, payooneer, andskrill, with the backing of global credit cards. The customers arewell educated and are therefore very familiar with the online marketand the product offerings. In terms of the lifestyle, Amazoncustomers prefer comfort and convenience they are mostly at thenucleus of the social circle in the respective countries/markets.

Howdo they want to be perceived?

Thecustomers in this social class want to be perceived as modern andsophisticated through their mode of shopping.

Whatdo these customers value

Customersvalue Amazon’s ability to create unique personalization,availability of a great variety of products with customer reviews aswell as excellent customer service. Amazonmakes searching a breeze by automatically suggesting popular productsand categories.

  1. Competitors

Whoare the brand’s competitors?

Amazon’scompetitors are:

  1. E-bay

  2. Alibaba

  3. Best Buy

  4. Walmart

Whatproduct category does the brand fit into?

Amazonfalls under online retailers.

Whatframe of reference will customers use in making a choice touse/purchase this brand/service?

Customersdepend mostly on recommendations from friends and family as well ascustomer reviews on the website displayed under every item purchased.

Whatother brands/companies might customers compare this brand to?

Customersmay compare Amazon to E-bay and Alibaba

  1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Howis this brand/company better than its competitors? What is thebrand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

Thebrand’s Unique Selling proposition is its excellent customerservice.

Whatit the brand’s uniqueness?

Thebrand’s uniqueness is in customer service, timely delivery, andexcellent personalization.

Whatis the competitive advantage of the brand? How is it different fromother competing brands?

Amazonhas invested in regional fulfillment centers and warehouses thatenable the company to cut shipping costs and reduce delivery times.Additionally, the company has excellent inventory management systemsand relies constantly on innovation to maintain its competitiveness.

Doesthe brand have any attributes or benefits that dominate competitors?

Amazonhas attributes that dominate its rivals, they include:

  1. Excellent customer service

  2. Innovation

  3. Prudent inventory management systems.

  1. Positioning Statement and Motto

PositioningStatement:Amazon is the ultimate shopping destination for everyone looking forquality, comfort, affordability and convenience.

Motto:Anawesome experience for awesome people!