Protectingyour baby during pregnancy is an essential duty. Mothers are advisedto avoid smoking because it harms the unborn child it affects theoxygen supply and other essential nutrients from reaching it. Theunborn babies of women who smoke are at an increased risk of heartdefects, asthma and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)(Jones &amp Kaltenbach,&nbsp2013).Alcohol intake during pregnancy increases the risk of stillbirth andmiscarriage (Dasgupta,2011).

Moreover,drinking during pregnancy can cause your baby to develop FetalAlcohol Syndrome (FAS) heart defects, facial defects and damage tothe nervous system(Dasgupta, 2011).It is important to monitor the intake of over the counter medicationsand prescription drugs and get the advice of a doctor as many sideeffects during pregnancy are unknown because it is unethical to dodrug tests on pregnant women. On the other hand, using hard drugs canhave long-lasting risks on the unborn child such as premature birth,defects, and other risks (Jones&amp Kaltenbach,&nbsp2013).

Pregnantwomen need to be cautious when they are around pets. Pets cantransmit various bacteria that might cause infection. Furthermore,pregnant women should monitor their eating habits(Lopate,&nbsp2012).They should avoid foods that have high sugar, sodium, and fatcontents. These foods increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes,heart disease and cancer, which are not good conditions for apregnant woman(Couch, Lammi-Keefe, &amp Philipson,&nbsp2008).

Educatingpatients in this state is very crucial for the purpose of thisassignment, my efforts will be concentrated in creating awarenessabout the use of drugs whether legal or illegal, and offer advicewhen they visit the clinic. This is because the endeavor coverssmoking, drinking, and other issues that are risky during pregnancy.

Furthermore,I will provide them with pamphlets that detail the importance ofavoiding substance use during pregnancy. They will have pictures thatshow the side effects in pictorial form. Moreover, they should seekadvice before using over the counter medicine and prescription drugs.The reason for choosing the use of pamphlets is because they arecheap and convenient as they will only be given to those in need ofthis information(Allara, Marica, Bo, Gasparrini, &amp Faggiano 2015).


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