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Thetheme of the second topic is human resource personnel knowledgerequirements. It looks into such aspects as needs assessment andanalysis, communication skills and strategies, documentationrequirements project and human resource concepts and technology. Italso looks into the organization structure and environmentalassessment. Among other areas of consideration are the riskmanagement, accounting, and budgeting. The topic three of the bookreflects on the different aspects of strategic management. Itconsiders some aspects such as business planning, strategic planning,and management. Among other issues, it highlights on the legislativeand regulatory processes that guide the corporate governance.

HRmay influence the legal environment through lobbying. It is a task HRcan take part in when they want to impact on new laws andregulations. Another way they can impact on the legislative andregulatory environment is through corporate governance. Through thisprocess, they influence the management of an institution and theinteractions among its stakeholders.


Ashuman resource vice president, Sechin needs to direct that theappropriate projection method. It can effect through talking to Johnabout the Glenfair business ethics as an addition to the directive bythe Securities and Exchange Commission thereby covering up for Patel.He also needs to help Patel realize that John acted by theprofessionalism and not hostility. Whistleblowers in offices haverights to be heard and confidentiality.


Inmanaging risks, the firsts step is minimizing the risks’ magnitude.The second phase is controlling the risk once it occurs and the thirdstage is risk elimination. In the final step, one considers sometransfer options such as insurance.

Liabilityis foregoing of future economic benefits because of pasttransactions. A tort is action giving rise to the harm of anotherperson for which courts impose liability.

Thefour ways of risk management are mitigation, acceptance, andavoidance. The bulleted methods of HR risk management are: honest andethical conduct, compliance with laws, effective communication,prompts reporting of code violations and adherence to the law. In myorganization compliance with laws needs to be addressed. It wouldprevent any cases of civil suits.


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