To: Ms. Jane Biggie President of Little Company

Iam writing this progress report to update you on the progress thatXYZ Company has made since the approval of our project proposal.


Theproject proposal was incorporated into the activities of the companyright after you approved it. Moreover, an evaluation of the plan wasdone on16th June 2016 where more offices were to be built and thenumber of computers in the company increased. The installation ofmore machines has helped to reduce human errors previously madeduring manual health recording. However, the company is still workingon the addition of more cubicles that will accommodate a largernumber the electronic devices (Funston,2014).The recent installation of these machines has resulted to the untidywinding up of many cables around the building. Consequently, therehas been a need to transfer the artificial intelligence to otherspacious locations. To boot, the setting up of internet cables in thepremises has resulted to better performance although the cables maybeuntidy if not properly managed.


XYZCompany has a competitive advantage over other companies because ithas better resources, equipment and workers as compared to theopponents. To enhance the reputation of the venture, leadership andproject protocols are evaluated on an annual basis. Supernumerary,the company’s personnel have agreed to extend their work time forthe mission of this organization to be realized sooner thananticipated. Furthermore, the company is aware of the need toimprove its operations for the effective competition with otherventures in future.


Thecurrent performance of employees at XYZ is questionable due to thefailure to tackle product comparisons as well as the estimation ofcost and benefits. Therefore, a smooth transition and the adaptationof new job techniques by the employees ensure full customers’satisfaction. Moreover, staff should be trained for efficiency. Intothe bargain, there is a need to ensure proper connection of computersas well as, organizing cables neatly for efficiency (Funston,2014).To sum up, the output of the company would be significantly improvedif the old internet cables were replaced with new ones that are moreeffective to realize faster connections during work time.


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