ProposalProgress Report

ProposalProgress Report



To:Mr. Dolph Whitaker (Hospital Administrative office)

From:Mr. Rojo Godin

Subject:Progress Report for a Project on Preventing Inaccuracies associatedwith Manual Entry of Vital Signs Data into EHR

Purpose:This is a progress report on the task of implementation ofinterconnecting vital signs machines with Electronic Health Records(EHR) towards the goal of reducing inaccuracies that occur during themanual entry of vital signs into the Electronic Health Records.

Summary:on2ndJune, I requested to study and analyze the scope of theimplementation of interconnecting vital signs machines withElectronic Health Records which was tailored towards the reduction ofinaccuracies that mainly occur during the manual entry of importantsigns into an Electronic Health Record(Rojo &amp Whitaker, 2016).At the moment, we have so far accomplished a number of tasks that wasin the first phase of project implementation.

On 10thJune, 2016 Mr. Dolph Whitaker approved our request to commence thestudy and our team started working on the task. We started theproject on 16thJuly 2016.


Task1: We evaluated the current situation of the technology that is beingused in the hospital

Task2: We identified the leadership of the project and the way forward.

Task3: We made a complete comparison of the manual entry of vital signsinto EHR

Task4: The training of the staff for proficiency is still in progress

Task5: The implementation of the project is set to begin once we arethrough with the training of employees.

Updatedschedule of the Project

WEEK1 (16th-18th)Thursday to Saturday- Evaluation of the current situation

WEEK2-3 (25th– 3rd)Saturday to Sunday-Leadership and Project Protocol

WEEK4 (4th– 7th)Monday to Thursday- Production comparisons, estimation of costs andbenefits

WEEK4 (8th– present) Friday to- Training of staff for proficiency


Wecompleted the first three tasks of the project successfully. We are alittle bit behind the schedule. We are currently training of stafffor proficiency soon and the move on to the last phase of the task,that is, the implementation of the project.


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