PsychologyResearch Paper Outline: Dating Violence and Abuse among Teenagers

DatingAbuse and Violence among Teenagers (Main Topic)

  1. Current Problem: In a single year in U.S.A, around one million five hundred students from high school report abuse from their dating partners (Teitelman, Ratcliffe, McDonald, Brawner, and Sullivan, 2011).

  2. Area of focus/Population: Teenagers

  3. Key Terms: Abuse, violence, dating teenagers

ThesisStatement:due to lack of necessary skills that maintain a healthy relationshipand general susceptibility to violence(Teitelmanet al., 2011),dating teenagers maintain a higher risk for dating violence andabuse.

  1. Background

  1. Historical Teenage Dating Overview: Dating teenagers in the past were guided by adults on how dating should be conducted through films and books.

  2. Historical Teen relationship Abuse: Dating teenagers in the past engaged in less dating violence and abuse than today.

  3. Current Link between Teen Relationship and Violence: Progressively, teen relationship abuse cases are increasing today due to lack of effective dating programs.

  4. Research Gaps: There is little research investigating mental health disorders in teen relationship abuse.

  1. Major Point: Teenagers who lack dating skills tend to engage in physical, emotional, and verbal violence.

  1. There is a high correlation between healthy relationships and emotional development of a teenager (Teitelman et al., 2011).

  2. Violent, abusive, unhealthy relationships affect a developing teen in a negative way (Teitelman et al., 2011)

  1. There is a direct correlation between Physical abuse and emotional abuse

  1. Physical abuse correlates highly with emotional abuse in teens (Teitelman et al., 2011).

  2. Stressful relationships manifests themselves in physical form (Teitelman et al., 2011)

  1. The conditions of current family relationships affect teens’ dating relationship.

  1. Teens in unstable families are at a higher risk of engaging in dating abuse and violence(Teitelman et al., 2011)

  2. Abusive and violent teens are also more likely to be abused by their partners (Teitelman et al., 2011).

  3. Teens that experience dating violence in high school are more likely to be victimized in college.

  1. Conclusion

  1. High school students who lack dating skills are at a higher risk for not only abusing their partners, but also being victims of violence throughout their lives.

  2. Researchers, educators, and governments should develop awareness programs that guide teen dating skills, strive to end dating violence, and give the risks associated with dating violence.


Teitelman,M. A., Ratcliffe, J. S., McDonald, C. C., Brawner, M. B., &ampSullivan, M. C. (2011). Relationships Between Physical andNon-Physical Forms of Intimate Partner Violence and Depression amongUrban Minority Adolescent Females. Childand Adolescent Mental Health16(2), 92–100.