Questionfrom chapter five: Discuss Three Sources of knowledge

Knowledgerefers to an awareness, familiarity, and understanding of somethinglike information, facts, descriptions which are acquired throughexperience. Moreover, it can also mean having practical ortheoretical understanding of a subject. As suggested by differentphilosophers such as Descartes and Plato, the acquisition ofknowledge involves cognitive process such as perception, reason, andsense.

Perceptionas a Source of Knowledge

Ourempirical knowledge is grounded on how we hear, see, touch, taste,and smell the world around us. When someone perceives the truth ofthe universe indirectly or directly, perception is engrossed inbiological registering of environmental subjects and objects. Thebrain gathers and stores the sense data that has been collected.Afterward, the information which was collected will be comparedthrough dreams, memories, reactive behavior and hallucinations. Thereare three forms of perception which include:

Internalperception which tells us what is happening in our bodies. It informsthe person where the limbs are, whether depressed, standing, hungryor tired.

Sensoryperception tells us what is happening in the outside world usingsenses such as hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Mixedexternal and internal perception that informs us what is going onwithin our bodies and the main cause of the bodily perceptions.

Senseas a Source of Knowledge

Humanbeings mainly use the five senses which include: hearing, seeing,touching, smelling and tasting to come up with different forms ofknowledge. When one sees something, a belief about the object iscreated in his/her mind. However, the use of sense tends assist us toovercome the difficulty we experiences in distinguishing appearancesfrom the reality.

Reasonas a Source of Knowledge

Weacquire understanding through reason when we come to conclusionsabout logical inferences. For instance, if somebody gives me onedollar and I have one dollar in my hands, no one will be supposed totell me that I have two dollars because it is evident. Reason is atour disposal but we do not invent or contrive it. This makes reasonone of the best forms of acquiring knowledge since one does not haveto prove his/her reasoning because it is naturally correct.


Tosum up, these forms of knowledge acquiring are essential to humanbeing since they help them to understand the objects and subjectsaround the world.