1.Active participation provides an individual with a clearperception and understanding of the concept they seek to learn(Stratcher, August 2, 2004). The comprehension helps to create abalance within the learning system. The practice also helps toimprove an individual’s thinking ability as it allows them toexplore new information.

2.The elaborate rope posture is learned and develops within aclassroom set up. This happens in an event when a section ofindividuals or students in a classroom become more vibrant inarticulating their knowledge. It forces others to restrict activeparticipation by hiding behind their shadows, hence leading to thegrowth and development of backbenchers.

3.I believe that the purpose of Stracher’s reflection is toprovide readers with a clear understanding of how one’s characteris likely to change from being a student through to an employee. Ina bid to achieve this, the writer uses a classroom setup wherestudents have divided themselves into two academic classes, gunnersand backbenchers, and a classroom setup where he is a tutor to agroup of students who are reluctant to actively take part in thedaily discussions tabled in class.

4.Stracher (2004) uses anecdotes in this particular context todevelop an emotional connection with the readers. In doing this, thewriter is able to simplify his message, thereby enhancing thereader’s general understanding. In the text, the writer says “Nowthat I am on the other side of the law school lecture, however, Iwonder why I ever found gunners distasteful. Is there something wrongwith being prepared?” (Stratcher, August 2, 2004). The particularpassage is able to support the writer’s thesis. It goes todemonstrate that despite feeling mighty to actively participate inthe ongoing discussions in school, being an employee has forced himto develop interest in public participation.

Relevanceof communication in learning institutions

5.In order to understand the present, an individual’s future isguided by their past events. One needs to have a clear idea of wherethey have been to be able to analyze and evaluate the occurringevents of both their present and future. It is important for one tounderstand that memory is a guide from our past and into our future.It is a fascinating human ability that allows us to reconstruct theeventful moments in our lives. As a result, the issue brings intoquestion the relevance of an open communication system betweenteachers and students within learning institutions. Theteacher-student relation has for a long time been considered anintegral part of learning due to its ability to help boost astudent’s active participation in class, thereby improving theirgeneral performance (Stratcher, August 2, 2004). Through theestablishment of an open communication system within the learning,both students and teachers are able to develop a clear and detailedunderstanding and perception of the topic discussion being addressedin class. Importantly, it should be understood that a positiveteacher-student relation helps to not only motivate students butencourages and inspires their sense of creativity. This, as a result,helps to enhance their sense of creativity (Stratcher, August 2,2004).

Themove has helped shaped the lives and future of students across theglobe. It also provides them with a general sense of belongingwithin the learning institution. For example, during a preparationfor a public speaking tournament of competitors from various learninginstitutions within the region, my relationship with my teacherhelped me understand that effective communication is one of thefundamental elements to ensure a good speech delivery. It helps toeffectively build and enhance the ideological flow of the messagesource. Further, it allows the message source to develop a mutualrelationship between their message and targeted audience. Throughthis, they are able to effectively attract the attention of theiraudience as well as ensure the relevance of their message. Duringthis time, I was able to develop a clear understanding and a sense ofanxiety for public speaking, especially in a large crowd. Throughoutthis time, I was able to build up a good and transparentcommunication skill that would help build my confidence and speechdelivering within any public gathering.

Giventhis, it is evidently clear that the relationship with my teacher wasnot an act of publicly flaunting my skills but as a way of enhancingmy knowledge and expertise in public speaking. Therefore, it is clearthat through an open communication, the general relationship betweenteachers and students is an important concept that helps toeffectively bridge the gap within learning institutions. That is, theestablishment of an open communication system within learninginstitutions does not only facilitate the emotional and intellectualgrowth and development of students (Stratcher, August 2, 2004). Itencourages their active participation as well as fosters theirimproved academic performance.


StratcherC., (August 2, 2004). In Praise of Zeal. Why it`s Never Too Late toBecome the Good Student. American Lawyer.