Reader Response


Whywas I interested in this work? Was I emotionally moved by the work?Why and how?

‘’Mirror‘’ by Sylvia Plath is an outstanding poem describing variousaspects of the human mind. I was instantly interested in the poembecause I envisioned it as a reflection of life as seen fromdifferent perspectives. The mirror epitomizes the life and times thatwe all go through. It clearly depicts the idea that at one point inour lives, we are bound to be wear and tear both physically andemotionally (Plath, 1961).

Emotionsexhibited by the poem denote the attitudes and mannerisms relevant toour daily activities. Primarily it shows a candid approach to issuesand the upheaval that are bound to affect us on our day to dayjourney through life. The poem, in essence, gives us direction anddraws our attention to ways in which issues can be resolvedappropriately. The solutions vary in nature from positive to negative(Plath, 1961).

Thepoem directed me towards an emotional rollercoaster. I base this onthe fact that it delves into the human aspect of spiritual wellbeingwhile tickling my emotional bone in various ways. I felt like thepoem was talking about how I find it hard to reflect on my life andresolve the challenges I face. I realized that we all handle variouscircumstances differently regardless of time, place and circumstance.

Thepoem takes me on an emotional journey. The various instances withwhich the author changes spontaneously from one mood to the nextshows a wide range of depth. While this is happening, there is greatemphasis laid upon on the inevitable aspect of lifetime changes.These changes include aging and emotional ups and downs broughtabout by the surrounding environment and factors surrounding the saidenvironment. The changes are influenced by both physical and mentalgrowth and maturity


What is the theme of the work, and why is it important? Did Ilearn something from the work? Did it make me think about the worldin a different way? Are there ideas I agree with or disagree with inthe work?

Beliefand maturity are incorporated as a theme in the mirror. As timepasses, one is bound to mature sooner or later. The Mirror addressesthis in that with the advent of age people deal with matters usingan in-depth approach as compared to earlier. A more mature and soberattitude is required as time moves on. The poem encourages us todevelop confidence in oneself while at the same time to accept theinevitability of aging (Plath, 1961).

Anothertheme highlighted by the poem is self-reflection. According toLittlefield and Wiehl (2012), self-reflection is the key to afulfilling life. The importance of this theme is to indulge thereader into the mind of the author and make them realize that life isfull of challenges. The author brings about self-reflection in thatthe Mirror in itself gives a vivid account of the various encounterswe all go through and how we deal with this challenges.Self-reflection in this instance is necessary in bringing about thetrue character of an individual.

Ilearned that a resilient attitude is a viable solution for bothpresent and future problems. The poem lays emphasis on perseverancewhich is a significant factor when dealing with trials.

Myperception of the world has changed after reading the poem. I thinkthat there is a need for preparedness at all times. From the poem, Ihave gained consciousness of the fact that circumstances can changeat any time and there is need for adaptability and resilience. Theideas propagated by the poem are therefore factual.


Was the work formally challenging? Did it use language in aninteresting way?

Was it beautiful? Would I read it again?

Inmy opinion, the work was not challenging. It brought to the core thevarious psychological and physical aspects that we undergo. It alsohighlighted the different approaches that humans use to deal withchange (Plath, 1961). The poem, therefore, shows the central realitythat takes place in life, which is change.

Languageis used clearly and in one of the most fascinating ways. There isevident use of proverbs and similes. The two aspects are vitalingredients in the description of various events occurring in similarsituations. Contradictions are palpable in the poem. The aim is togive meaning and credence to different themes portrayed by theauthor. Description of events concerning real life experiences isevident. Personal experiences are described with emphasis laid uponsurroundings and natural occurrences. The surroundings provide abenchmark to the authors’ thoughts in relations to the outsideworld giving one an atmosphere of reflection.

‘’Mirror’’ is a beautiful and interesting poem. It canappropriately be described and summed up as the opening up of anindividual’s soul to the outside world. I would read the poem overand over again since it brings about emotions that are relevant toreal life. I am inclined to believe that the tribulations we gothrough in life are discussed in the poem. ‘’Mirror’’ is acarefully laid upon spiritual and soul uplifting themes. It is anenlightenment to the human mind in relations to the surrounding.


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