1. Reasons for my academic performance

Followingmy performance that has not been satisfactory, I present thecontributing factors to my case. Being an international student hasbeen a challenging experience. I have had a big challenge insocializing with other students. As a result I have felt lonely dueto the fact that I really want a rich social experience as well. Inregard, I have had no academic buddies for studies. In addition, Ihave had problems to get the attention of teachers during and afterclass as they seem to be ignoring my plight. Consequently, I have haddifficulty in getting any clarification on most lecture lesson. Theconsequence to this predicament is unsatisfactory grades.

Thesecond reason that adds to the challenge of cultural difference islanguage barrier. I have good writing skills but I have always foundit difficulty in speaking due to fear of being judged. This isespecially in a new country whose first language is English, far moredifferent from my own country, China. Most Chinese students carry anaccent when communicating English. This has social consequences suchas withdrawals from other students or missing out on classactivities. The last and main reason why my academic performance hasbeen unsatisfactory is differences in teachings and techniques. I amstill slowly acclimatizing to new environment, people, culture andalso methods of doing things. In addition, my real desire is to majorin Computer Science that is not possible due to my parent’s levelof income.

  1. My proposed action plan

Theaction plan that is most appropriate at this point is getting help inovercoming the challenges that I have sighted above. I plan to visitand consult with NCCN and OISS advisors as soon as possible. Inaddition, I plan to work on my social skills and interact more withstudents and teachers to have an exciting learning experience. Duringsummer breaks, I plan to enrich my Chinese language by taking Chinesecourses.