Plagiarism refers to the act oftaking a person’s idea or work and not recognizing it since onepresents it as his/her own. The thought may involve art, writing,song, or conversation among others. Such work may be found in books,articles, interviews, the web, or in an email among other places.

Plagiarism is a problem inacademics because it encourages cheating since a learner may beawarded scores that are not his/hers through stealing. For instance,consider a situation where a student copies directly from a sourceand does not cite the work to show where he/she obtained ideas. Also,plagiarism can be considered a problem in academics because itsupports laziness among students. In case plagiarism was allowed,learners would not bother working hard because they would rely onother people’s thoughts or publications to earn marks, which isunethical. I think students plagiarize because they are lazy and donot want to imagine past what they have been taught. This is becauseindolent students would prefer copying the ideas of others since theydesire to pass without struggling. Furthermore, some scholars fear tobe creative and end up taking other individual’s imaginations astheirs.

Plagiarism can be avoided throughshunning away from stealing other people’s ideas. This would ensurethat the thoughts that one presents are his or hers. Also, plagiarismcan be avoided by recognizing the creativity of other people throughcitation. The resources that are available to detect and evadeplagiarism are plagiarism software. From this topic, it is importantfor learners to keep away from using other people’s work as theirown. What I take from the issue is how serious plagiarism can beconsidered in academics.