1. Job Description

When patients seek healthcare services, the personnel collectpersonal data from the individuals that they file in their records.The health organizations have a responsibility of ensuring that theinformation remains highly confidential as per the ethical standards.Therefore, most of the healthcare facilities have invested in ahealth information system that facilitates efficient record keepingand retrieval of documents. A health information administrator isthus responsible for designing and managing the information systemswithin health facilities (Haroun, 2016). For a health informationadministrator to be certified or registered, he/she must havecompleted the HIM (Health Information Management) Program that isaccredited by the (CAHIIM) Commission on Accreditation for HealthInformatics and Information Management Education at the baccalaureateand master’s level.

  1. Education and Certification

The educational requirements for a Health Information Administratorbegin at the high school level. Interested students take subjectssuch as Sciences, Computer Studies, and Arts in preparation for theirfuture career. Colleges tend to offer certificate or diploma studiesin health information administration which upon completion enablesthem to pursue the bachelor’s degree (Malec, 2015). Theundergraduate degree in health information management covers topicssuch as Statistics, electronic medical health records, financial andquality management, and ethics in medicine. Some people may decide toadvance their studies in health information management, and they getto do so by enrolling in a master’s degree in health informationmanagement. Individuals who pursued a degree in a different field arealso allowed to start a career in the area through the master’sprogram. Further studies on health administration are also availableat the doctorate level. Upon completion of the studies, thecandidates are required to work at any approved hospital and thenpass the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)exam to become a registered health information administrator (AHIMA,2016). Alternatively, one can undertake the national registrationexam from a foreign body that is in agreement with AHIMA.

Students who are interested in becoming health informationadministrators can obtain the education from community colleges aswell as public and private universities. However, when selecting theinstitutions that are offering the program, it is recommended toensure that the schools are accredited to provide the studies. Thecertificate and diploma program is a one-year program while thedegree program takes four years in both public and privateuniversities. The cost of education varies among the differentinstitutions that are offering the program. According to theUniversity of Kansas Medical Center, (2016), the fees for a degree inhealth information management is $304.25 per credit hour for theundergraduate tuition while the University of Cincinnati charges $450per credit hour (University of Cincinnati, 2016).

List degrees orcertifications earned

-Bachelor ofHealth Information Management

-Masters inHealth Information Management

-Certification inHealth Information Management

  1. Employment

The RHIA job opportunities are widely available in both formal andinformal settings. HIM graduates can work in hospitals, nursinghomes, insurance companies, public health offices, health careagencies, clinics, law firms, government agencies, and researchfirms. According to the PayScale Human Capital, (2016), the tasks ofa RHIA include recruitment, training of hired workers, andsupervising the release of information as per the stipulated rules.They also coordinate all activities in the records department andhelp in fiscal operations such as preparing budgets and financialreports.

An analysis ofthe RHIA career outlook shows that the demand for the professionalsshall increase mainly in hospitals (Armstrong, Brooks &ampRiemenschneider, 2015). The growth is associated with the need toprovide detailed and organized medical records to third parties suchas courts and consumers. The demand for health care services withinthe industry shall lead to the growth of more jobs as more facilitiesare opened and expanded to meet the rising demand. Although therewere no recent job adverts in the Sunday Herald on the HealthInformation Administrator, other sources such as Seek website has aminimum of five adverts on the health information administrator in aday (Seek, 2016). For a registered health information administratorto secure employment, they are required to have at least a one yearexperience. According to PayScale Human Capital, (2016), the averagesalary for a RHIA is $52, 212, but the amount increases to about $91,079 based on the more experience one has in the field. The wages atthe entry level for a person with experience is estimated to be at$45, 392. Source: Indeed, (2016).

The graph above represents the trend on the national salary forcertified RHIA. The wage index has been changing over the years, butsince 2014, the wages have been increasing. A career in healthinformation administrator is a suitable one because as aprofessional, many advancement opportunities are available. Thechances can be explored with or without added education. Those whoprogress their studies are likely to acquire senior titles such ashealth information manager based on their level of education. On theother hand, individuals without added education can still receive thesame position by analyzing their performance.

  1. Professional Activities

Students who wish to join the professional organization can apply forthe certification exam at AHIMA. The cost of entering depends ontheir membership status. Members pay $229 while non-members remit$299, and if they are eligible, they get to sit for the professionalexams (AHIMA, 2016). Continuing education is available in theprofession however, the concerned individuals must meet thestandards set by the CCHIIM. A RHIA requires thirty CEUs to obtain asingle credential and fifty (30, 10, 10) for a person with CCS andCCS-P. The multiple credentials are received within two years ofrecertification cycle.

  1. Conclusion

I believe that I fit into the RHIA profession because I am a highlyflexible individual who embraces change. The ability to adapt to thedynamics in this career is significant since one’s roles continueto evolve with the technological transformations (Kahouei, et al.,2016). The exploration of the healthcare field led me to understandthat I can contribute to the change within the health sector throughdata management. Crucial decisions on how to improve the area ofhealth are made based on the findings of the data analyzed by theRHIA. Hence, the investigation explained the significance of a RHIAas well as the different tasks they get to perform while working inthe healthcare facilities. The research was quite useful as itenabled me to understand the various education qualifications oneneeds to become a professional. The career outlook also helped me tohave a future projection as I set my professional goals.


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