Fromreply 1, it is clear that dietician plays a critical role inimproving the health of patients. This is based on the fact that,patients requires different dietary needs, especially after surgeryamong others(Fikelman &amp Kenner, 2015).Despitebeing a supportive role, it is equally instrumental in enabling quickrecovery for patients. With different clients having differentdietary needs and the cases being unique in their own way, criticalthinking is required, thus making the scope wide. The dynamicscontribute to the study never getting out-dated.


Physicaltherapy is very essential in the healing process of patients, andalso reduces a possibility of side effects that come as a result oflong-term medication. Although physical therapists have similareducation background with the nurses, they play an enormous role asthey ensure patients gain mobility after surgery. This also helps inreducing cost of medication to the patients, thus allowing them toconcentrate on other important issues. With the practice featuringdifferent environments, the key goal is to teach and work withindividual patients towards an active lifestyle. Nurses and physicaltherapists have a similar routine of assessing the patients’ needsas well as ensuring that their goals are met before discharge toprevent readmitting


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