ResearchTopics with Explanation


U.SSpace Program

“Shouldfunding for the U.S. space program be changed?” is the first topicthat I chose. The U.S. space travel has been an area of interest foran extended period for many citizens in the U.S. There have beenseveral debates on whether to maintain or cut its funding because itis very expensive. The president holds the responsibility of creatingspace policies for the entire government initiatives and agencies(Ruzic, 2013).The funding is then approved by the Congress. Also,according to Lester (2013), the Congress is accountable for routineoversight of all the government’s space activities. The officesresponsible for implementation of space policy include the NationalSecurity Council (Ruzic, 2013), and Offices of Management and Budget,and Science and Technology. The U.S taxpayers make the audience forthis research topic. Thesis statement: Although space exploration hasbecome a burden to U.S taxpayers, its funding should be maintainedbecause its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

HomeSchools Regulations

Thesecond topic that I selected is “Should regulations for homeschools be changed.” Homeschooling in America has increased overthe last ten years. In 2011 to 2012, around three percent ofschool-age children were homeschooled (Mackey, Kasha, Wade, 2011).Mackey et al., (2011) suggests that the white children formed ahigher percentage (83%) than the Hispanic(7%), Black (5%), and the Asian(2%).Today, there are over two million children who receive home-basededucation in America (Chad, 2009). There are varied reasons whyAmerican parents opt for homeschooling including the need for ahealthy school environment, the need to impart moral and religiousdirective, discontentment with other academic schools’instructions, special needs of a child, the mental or physicalproblem of a child, and finally other reasons. Homeschooling inAmerica is lawful in all states. However, different regulationsgovern homeschooling by each state with each treating homeschoolingin a different way, with some states having few or no rules andothers having standardized testing (Chad, 2009). The audience forthis research topic is lawmakers in the United States of America.Thesis statement: The United States lawmakers need to developstandard regulations for homeschoolers to protect them fromirresponsible teaching from their guardians or parents.

TransportationSecurity (TSA) Regulations

Thethird topic is “Should Transportation Security (TSA) regulations bechanged?” Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a part ofthe Department of Homeland Security in America (Ploch, Zihla, Bina,Novakova, 2013). Today, its workforce has over 50,000 air marshals,security officers, multimodal transportation experts, surface andaviation inspectors, intelligence analysts, and other professionalswhose aim is to safeguard the U.S. transportation systems for thesafety of its citizens (Kip and Nathan, 2012). Moreover, TSA carriesout searches for all passengers and their possessions (Kip et al.,2012). Currently, the Americans have been complaining about longqueues at the airport. According to administrator Peter Neffenger,the delays at the checkpoints are caused by the rising number ofpassengers traveling every day. According to Ploch et al., (2013),the transportation sector has been a target for terroristexploitation and attack leading to TSA screening all the passengers.There have been several incidences of terrorists’ attacks thatshould alarm TSA to make adjustments to some of its securityregulations. In 2015, Metro Jet Flight 9268 was destroyed above thenorthern Sinai, in 2016, terrorists detonated explosives on DaalloAirlines 159, and in March 2016, Brussels International airport wasattacked by terrorists causing loss of life, chaos, and destruction(Kip et al., 2012). The audience for this research paper is the U.SCitizens. Thesis statement: TSA current security regulations shouldbe improved slightly to ensure more safety for U.S passengers.


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