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Theinstrument selected is the Ukulele which is one of the most importantinstruments in playing music. Ukulele helps to make the music moreinteresting by capturing the attention of the listeners (Brill, pp4-7).


Ukuleleis an instrument with rich history it was discovered in 1800’s inHawaii and has gained global acceptance in the music industry. Someof the famous performers of Ukulele include Mraz Jason, Vedder Eddie,Don Ho and Palmer Amanda. The instrument was used to play classicsmusic. It has soprano and other unique sounds that make the musicinteresting (Guitar Center, pp 1-4)

Iselected this website because it contains relevant information’sconcerning Ukuleles. It also provides customers with a variety ofUkulele instruments to choose from. Besides, it has detailedinformation pertaining Ukulele instruments which make it relevant.The website has authority in the sense that it has been designed in amanner that allows users to access information easily. It alsoprovides updated and reliable information (Guitar Center, pp.2-6).


Guildis one of the old makers of Ukulele since 1953. The producers remainrelevant because they have managed to cope with technologicaldynamism in guitar production industry. Some of the famous performerswho use the Ukulele include rock music artist Duffy Billy and MayBrian. Some of the famous composers include Simon Paul, Guy Buddyamong others. The most memorable music written using the Ukulele isrock music. Some of the rock music played includes Swirling Effect,Howling Feedback, and Lord Take Altamont. The Ukulele is part of thefamous Orchestras instruments that were being played during theancient periods (Brill, p26).

Thewebsite provides detailed information of Ukulele manufacturer calledGuild who had a long and outstanding history in producing iconicmusic instruments. The site is relevant because it containsinformation specific to the Ukulele. The website is credible becauseit well designed and take into consideration users needs (Brill,p26).


CompositeAcoustic is the name of the website for another producer of Ukuleleinstrument. The history of the manufacturer may be traced back to thefounder Aficionado, who was Aerospace engineer who came up with theidea of making Ukulele. The famous composer who used Ukulele isGilbert Brantley. Some of the music played using the instrumentincludes Blues and jazz music. Ukulele is part of Orchestrasinstruments because they have an excellent sound for capturing theattention of the audience (Gilbert, p14).

Thewebsite is relevant, credible and authoritative in the sense that itprovides information parting high-quality Ukulele. It also provides alink to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for easyaccess by its customer. It has vital tabs that allow the client toaccess different platforms Gilbert, p14).

Website4: brands/savarez-Aquila-strings

Thesite was established by the Savarez, one of the oldest manufacturersof Aquila strings used in Ukulele. Savarez history in ofmanufacturing Aquila Strings may be traced back in 1970. Some of thefamous performers who used Ukulele made with Aquila strings includeJohn Williams and Eric Clapton. The favorite composer’s cobraukulele models, the most famous pieces written for my choseninstruments include a symphony, string quartets, choral music,classical heats, and cellos (Cobra Music Group, p 27).

Thewebsite is relevant, credible and authoritative because it has beendesigned in such a way that users can be able to retrieve the kind ofUkulele they need. It also provides navigating tabs where users canmove from one section to the other without a problem (Cobra MusicGroup, p 27).


Theweb contains information about different types of Ukulele. Gibson isthe name of the manufacturers of those instruments. The first Ukuleleproduced by Gibson manufactured was in 1974. Later more advancedGibson produced more advanced Ukulele. Some of the famous performersduring this period include Charles Adler and Adriano. The famouscomposers include John Adams and David Abell. The most famous piecewritten using the instrument is concertos, Rossins, Coriglian,Harris, and songs of Exile (Gibson, p 18).

Thewebsite was chosen due to its relevance in providing vitalinformation concerning Ukulele that was used in the past. It alsocontains a credible source of information about the prior music arts.It also reserves the rights and confidentiality of its users (Gibson,p18).


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