RomanticRelationships at Work

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RomanticRelationships at Work: Why Love Can Hurt

Manypeople have encountered or even participated in romanticrelationships in their places of work. It is risky colluding privatelife with work life. Problems may arise between the professional codeof conduct and one’s personal privacy(Lollini, M. (2011).Many people get caught up in trouble when they engage in suchrelationships. Individuals end up losing their jobs or professionalreputation. Among the widely discussed cases in the media whererelationships at work led to a loss of employment and reputationinclude Clinton, where consensual sexual affair between a married manand a single intern resulted in the deposition of the US president.

AccordingtoLollini, M. (2011), whenrelationships are exposed, they provoke reaction and gossip. It canresult in the deterioration in social attitudes of the work group. Itmay include cynicism, disapproval by coworkers and even hostilitybecause of concerns that there will be bias. This matter willnegatively impact on the individual’s and the organization`sperformance results. Workplace romance has also been the cause ofmany marriage break-ups.

Workplaceromance can be a source of sexual harassment. In hierarchicalaffairs, lower level players risk losing their jobs or beingtransferred. Hierarchical romances spark more feel they are no longer on even ground when a partner startshaving a relationship with their supervisor. As career rewards andother favors increase, other members of the organization may get theimpression that the aim of relationship is tailored towards personaladvancement and hence raise concerns on equality and justice forworkmates(Lollini, M. (2011).Employees start fearing that heir supervisor’s judgment about theirperformance being clouded. It is therefore, true to imply thatrelationships at work have their share of shortcomings.


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