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Lori, FNC-BC is anew student that has recently passed her certification exams. TheFNC-BC is an acronym for Family Nurse Practitioner- Board Certified(Blair &amp Mirr, 2015). She has been posted to the Plano Clinic inthe State of Texas. As such, Lori will work in collaboration with onephysician at the clinic in the delivery of family-focused care. FNPsoffer a broad range of medical services revolving around the familyunit. Their duties may vary from health promotion and diseaseprevention to offering counseling services (Buttaro, 2013).

For Lori to starther practice at Plano Clinic, she will need a prescriptive authority.The Texas Board of Nursing has set the conditions that each of theapplicants must meet before they can be granted prescriptiveauthority. For one to be given such power, they must have obtained anAPN (Advanced Practice Nursing) authorization. The application formcontains seven mandatory questions that each applicant is required tofill (Texas Board of Nursing, 2016). The eighth question is reservedfor Clinical Nurse Specialists that have completed courses inPharmacotherapeutics, Pathophysiology, Advanced Health Assessment,and Diagnosis and Management (Texas Board of Nursing, 2016). Inaddition to this, the applicant is to make a payment of $50 in theform of a check or money order. The payment should be addressed toTexas Board of Nursing (Texas Board of Nursing, 2016).

The DrugEnforcement Administration (DEA) has provided guidelines regardingthe process of obtaining a DEA number and the fees that eachindividual is required to pay (Drug Enforcement Division, 2016). Forone to complete the DEA registration, they have to meet all therequirements imposed by the State of in which they are to practice.In this case, Lori will be expected to meet all the conditions thathave been set by the state of Texas. The application process iscompleted using DEA Form 224 titled New Application for RetailPharmacy, Hospital/Clinic, Practitioner, Teaching Institution, orMid-Level Practitioner (Drug Enforcement Division, 2016). Theapplicant is therefore only allowed to handle prescriptions that havebeen checked in the application form. In this case, Lori will only beallowed to prescribe drugs that are marked on her application form.

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