Theunion is likely to appeal on the grounds that the employee hasmaintained a good record. Although not the best, the employee hasnever been found to have committed any serious offense. One would gofurther to argue that the union has a stand on the basis that theemployee could have consumed alcohol unknowingly. That would explainthe positive results on intoxication by the employee as well as thealcohol found in the thermos.

Onthe other hand, the union may argue citing the history of employee’spersonal life. The personal life of the employee may be regarded as areason for his unethical behaviour (Macdonald, 2008). Therefore, theunion is legible to appeal the termination on the grounds that theemployee is unwell. This paper holds the opinion that the companywas justified in its actions regardless of the history of theemployee. Despite the proper conduct of the employee, the company isobliged to consider breaking its rules as a serious matter.Therefore, despite an employee having a good performance record, thebreaking of the standards of the company shows the highest disregardfor professionalism. However, the company did not evaluate the causebehind the employee’s behaviour. Given that the employee had a goodwork history, he may have been suffering from personal related orwork related psychological breakdown, which may be a factorcontributing towards him drinking at work. In this context, thecompany would be deemed as socially irresponsible for having taken awrong action towards the employee. Regardless of the employee`sbehaviour, the company is obligated to get involved in the life of anemployee at work, especially if it affects his performance. Furtherassessment of the reason behind the behaviour portrayed would berequired in order to give a justified declaration.

Althoughthe action is against the company rules, the company is responsiblefor all its employees (Macdonald, 2008). As the Plant Manager, onewould call for further investigations into the matter. Furtherassessment of the employee’s life is necessary to facilitate abetter understanding of the reason behind his behaviour. It is theresponsibility of all the staff including the manager to uphold thecompany rules and regulations. On the other hand, socialresponsibility is an element that each and every company needs toadopt. A manager should, therefore, be at the forefront in upholdingthe standards of the enterprise. It is important to note that losingemployees may leave the company with insufficient skills. A highemployee turnover may have an adverse impact on the image of thecompany and deter its development.

Asa plant manager, it is important to acknowledge a better situationassessment of the employee. The employee should be tested for anypsychological trauma that might have happened in the recent past. Thetest will allow the company to understand the employee`s mentalstatus better. On the other hand, assessing the business environmentfor any harsh working conditions that may result in the mode ofbehaviour of employee will help find solutions to such problems. Theassessment will involve interacting with employee’s who have workedwith the individual and getting to understand the history as well asthe reason for the employee`s behaviour. This scenario presents aclassic case of handling unpredictable and bad behaviour at work.


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