After completing the Big Five-factor model of personality, I learneda lot about myself. According to the Big Five, I had high scores intwo of the personality dimensions, including conscientiousness andemotional stability while in the other three involving extroversion,agreeableness and openness to experience I registered a moderatescore. As such, the test revealed that I was a quiet, sociable,trusting, cooperative, good-natured, dependable, persistent,responsible, reliable, achievement oriented, calm, secure,intellectual, and imaginative person (Pearson Prentice Hall). Hence,the assessment helped to confirm most of the traits that I alreadyknew about myself. However, it also revealed that I am an artistic,sensitive, assertive, and enthusiastic person, which adds newinsights about my character. Consequently, the test reiterated myfuture career ambition of working in business. It showed that since Iam sociable with moderate interaction I will perform well inmanagerial and sales position reflecting on my desire to work in thebusiness world (Pearson Prentice Hall). The analysis alsodemonstrated that I tend to prefer harmony, and at times have my sayon issues, pursue fewer goals purposefully, depict a positiveemotional stability, can pursue different interests, tend to beimpressed with novelty and innovation, but also seem to becomfortable and conventional with the familiar.

Furthermore, the evaluation indicated that since I am outgoing,argumentative, visionary, and seen as a natural leader with lowtolerance for incompetence, I exhibit extroverted, sensing, thinking,and judging individuality according to the Jungian 16-TypePersonality (Pearson Prentice Hall). For these reasons, I am likelyto work as a manager, lawyer, stockbroker, and management trainer,which are all careers that relate to business. Moreover, I ratehappiness and satisfaction, knowledge and wisdom as terminal values.Additionally, I consider assertiveness and standing up for yourself,as well as dependability to be the instrumental values in anindividual. However, I am not a narcissist since I do not view myselfas superior, unique, and special with a stronger sense of entitlementthan others. I am usually helpful to others and I portray positivebehaviors that disqualify me from being a narcissist (PearsonPrentice Hall). As such, the self-assessment test revealed a lot ofinformation about me that I had prior to the exercise, as well asadded new insights that helped to confirm the beliefs of mypersonality and career ambitions.

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