Dearschool board,

Iappreciate the board for being mindful of the school children andtheir academic performance, and that is why it has the idea ofproviding all the elementary and middle school children with theirown iPhones and iPads for academic and personal use. However, I thinkproviding the children with the social network devices will not be agood idea for different reasons that will be discussed below.

Oneof the reasons why this is not a good idea is because the gadgetswill expose the children to predators like burglars and pedophiles(Noor and John 42). Through the apparatus, the children will be in aposition to use the social media, where they can post anything,including risky private data. In such a scenario, the gadgets will beperceived as risky for the elementary and middle school children.

Anotherreason why I am against the idea of providing the school childrenwith the appliances is because they are likely to lower theiracademic performance. The use of these devices is likely to have animpact of addicting the school children since they will always desireto spend time on the social networks where they are capable ofsharing photos, videos, and posting what they want. Since childrenlike autonomy, they will be enticed to waste time using the gadgets.The more the time they will use the social networks, the less thetime they will devote to academics. Also, since these contrivanceshave the ability to connect to the internet, the school children aregoing to rely on them in accessing answers to whatever they have beenasked in class. This has an effect of reducing their focus onlearning, a move that can lower the retention rate of learners makingthem perform poorly (Noor and John 46).

Besides,I do not support the idea because the devices are likely to make theschool children less effective in communication. The access to thetools is going to make children spend more time on the social sites,which implies that they will spend less time socializingface-to-face. Because of lacking body signals as well as othernonverbal cues such as inflection and tone, the social sites wouldnot be in a position to replace face-to-face communication (Noor andJohn 48). This would make the children not communicate effectively.

Furthermore,the use of the appliances will have an impact of affecting thegrammar of the learners. When using these tools, there is thetendency of ignoring the grammar and spelling mistakes that a personmakes. Therefore, as a result of using the contrivances, the learnersare likely to have grammar as well as spelling mistakes (Noor andJohn 52).

Inconclusion, I do not support the idea of giving all the elementaryand middle school children the gadgets because they would adverselyinfluence them. The academic life will be affected because they willspend more time in sharing on the social sites, their security may beat a risk because they may become exposed to burglars and pedophiles,and they will not be in a position to communicate effectively sincethey are likely to expend a lot of time on social sites. Therefore, Iurge the board to look keenly on the matter emanating from theseaforementioned negative impacts that the idea would have on thelearners.


Noor,Al-Deen H. S, and John A. Hendricks. SocialMedia: Usage and Impact.Lanham, Md: Lexington Books, 2012. Print.