SportCards, Memorabilia and Autograph Visit

SportCards, Memorabilia and Autograph Visit

Mykids love sports. I think they take after me because I became anadmirer of sports at a young age. Their favorite sport is soccer.They are Barcelona fans, and their favorite star is CristianoRonaldo, who plays for Real Madrid (Bar-On,2014).However, domestically, they are Dallas Cowboys fans and HoustonTexans fans locally. Working schedules and other commitments havealways limited the time I spend together with my kids out. Two weeksago, I had a less busy weekend, and I decided to take my kids out forone of their long-awaited outings. I took them to the sports shop forsome sporting memorabilia and cards, and then we visited HoustonTexans for autographs. This was the best experience for my kids andme together, and it will always remain in our memories. Therefore, Iwill talk about the kids’ experience at the sports shop and atHouston Texans stadium.

Wetook off from home at around eight a.m. and headed to town for someshopping at a sports shop. Along the way, excitement was building upin the car, and I could tell that they were eager to arrive. Wearrived in Houston and went straight to Sports Express, where werewelcomed by a very jovial sales person. The first things that thekids took-up were the masks. They both took horned masks and put themon. Their appearance was funny to the extent that laughed. They werevery happy and hopped around in excitement.

Westrolled around the shelves looking at the neat display of sportingitems. Everyone was in need of a Jersey, so I bought a BarcelonaJersey with the image of Lionel Messi, while the kids preferred aRonaldo jersey, apparently because they liked his ‘coaching` duringthe Euro 2016 finals. We bought sports cards with the logo of HoustonTexans on one side and a player image on the other side. At the sametime, I bought each of them a ball. The younger one suggested that webuy an image of our favorite team`s players, and since it was theirday out, I granted him his desire.

Aftershopping for all the items we desired, we got into the car and drovetowards Houston Texans stadium and training ground. It was almostnoon, and I wanted us to get there on time before their trainingsession was over. We got there after like 30 minutes because of theCity`s traffic. At the stadium, we were welcomed cordially, and wewere allowed to proceed to the training ground and watch the teamtrain. It was an amazing opportunity because the kids got the chanceto kick the balls with the players after they were done training. Wethen requested them to sign autographs on the sports cards, theirmasks, and the balls that we had purchased, and it was awesome. Thekids enjoyed every bit of it, and I liked it too. After the sessionwas over, we posed for a photo and left for lunch in town.

Spendingthe day with my kids was fascinating. It was a super experience. Mysurprise outing turned into the best outing of all. My idea was toshow my love and commitment to them by making them feel happy. Thiswas possible because I choose an activity that they always dreamt ofdoing. We visited a sports shop and purchased memorabilia in the formof the balls, jerseys, photographs and masks. This was followed bythe short trip to Houston Texans ground where we interacted with theplayers, and we received autographs and a group photo with them. Thiswas simply a day well spent.


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