The article tends to analyses the key strategies that can beincorporated to assist the kids with special needs as well as mold apromising future for them. The clarity and the central theme of thearticle contradict in its explanation. Moreover, it emphasizes oncommunication in schools as the key strategy to creating a goodrelationship between the teachers, intervention staff and the kids.Besides, the paper also focuses on the paradigms of success. However,the mode of presentation does not come out clearly to show how propercommunication will support families with physically changed childrenas expected.

To appraise, the article reflects families as the source of theresource such as provision communication channels to their childrenwith special needs. This is, however, a shift from main focus.Moreover, the stated conversation mediums provide opportunitiesthrough which an individual can convey messages to the recipient. Asa counteractive measure, therefore, families need to be enlightenedconcerning child development, public events, and availability ofresources for utilization, of which the article failed to explain howthat will be done. Supernumerary, the relations of the families andthe society should enable access to shared resources such asdevelopment funds. Therefore, public resources and the communicationstrategies should be emphasized as they play a significant role indeveloping a conducive environment for the physically challenged(, 2016).

Another influence that need to be addressed entails the process ofsupporting children with disabilities, which helps to break barrierssuch as the inability to interact due to walking complications forthe lame. Besides, other predicaments such as lack of theinformation, technological requirement, updating to the currentsituation, inability to reach some areas and parents inconvenienciesneed to compose detailed information, but the article failed to doso.

The proposed solutions to some of the problem such as availinginterpreters in the case of the communication barriers are shallowlydiscussed. In addition, it provides the some modes of communicationsuch as phones, availing voluntary services as well as encouragingthe caretakers to listen to their children as an attempt to solvetheir worries, which does not work. To sum up, suggested Braille canbe availed for the blind kids to facilitate their learning in schools(, 2016).


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