Theorganization is Switch Electricals, which will be involved in dealingwith the production and sale of domestic appliances that useelectricity such as kettles, heaters, cookers, and iron boxes. Thecompany is a start-up and will begin its operations in August 2016.The entity will be headed by Frank Daniels, who has immense knowledgein the manufacture of domestic appliances, and James Adams, whounderstands marketing very well since he has worked with threedistinct organizations as the head of marketing. Frank and James arethe founders of the company. The organization will be based in NewYork. The business will employ competitive individuals who possessskills in different areas of its operations.


Thebusiness will be involved in the production and sale of domesticelectrical appliances such as kettles, heaters, cookers, and ironboxes. These products will be of high quality, and their prices willbe offered at a discount depending on the quantity bought. Also, mostof the commodities will be produced based on the customerspecifications.



Thecompany has strength in its leadership because it will be headed byknowledgeable and experienced principals. Also, the employees of thecompany will have competency in different areas, which is a plus forthe organization. Furthermore, the products of the entity are of highstandards, and customers will enjoy discounts depending on thequantity bought.


Thenumber of households in the New York area is expected to rise, whichwould offer the company an opportunity for increasing its revenuesemanating from an augment in the number of products sold. Also, theentity will have an opportunity for growth in case it continues tooffer its commodities at a discount and as per customerspecifications.


Sincethe organization is a start-up, it will have to face competition fromthe already existing firms dealing with similar products. Also, thecompany does not have a lot of resources at its exposure that can beused in acquiring competitive advantage against its competitorsoperating in the market.


Becausethe amount of capital required for starting the business is not verylarge, there is a likelihood of other firms entering the market. Thiswould have the impact of increasing the amount of competition, whichmay drive the business out of operations. Furthermore, since thecompany is not well-established, economic turmoil may lead to itsclosure.

Fromthe SWOT analysis, it is apparent that the organization can be in aposition to create a competitive advantage in the market. However,being a start-up, the company will need to choose its strategies verywell so as to enhance its competitiveness against its rivals that arealready established. There is a likelihood of increased competitionin the future.


Basedon the environment of the firm, I would recommend that the companyshould focus on using differentiation strategy in creating itscompetitive advantage. In this case, since the organization canproduce quality products, it should provide its products on the basisof price. There should be a high price reserved for the high-classindividuals and a low fee for those who cannot afford the high cost(Griffin, 2007). This kind of differentiation will help the companyin developing a competitive advantage since it will be capable oftargeting those customers without a lot of income and those whopossess huge resources (Griffin, 2007).


Griffin,R. W. (2007). Fundamentalsof management: Core concepts and applications.Boston, Mass: Houghton Mifflin.