Television’sImpact on Our Lives

Televisionsusually have varied impacts on people’s lives which are eitherconstructive or harmful. However, the effects differ depending on theage, time spent on watching TV, and the character of a person. Theyouths are affected most since they spend more time watchingtelevisions than adults. An impact of watching too much TV is that itconsumes most of the free time that people get, thus denying them achance to engage in other activities like sports, exercise, andreading among others. Therefore, TVs can make people live a verysedentary life that can result in lifestyle illnesses such asdiabetes.

WatchingTV helps people acquire a lot of knowledge as well as get educated onvarious issues. Documentaries and other programs that are informativehelp individuals in learning different things about nature, politics,and the surrounding environment among other issues. Besides, TVs keeppeople updated with the day-to-day events that take place in theworld.

Televisioncan make people start viewing their lives in a different perspective,which in most cases, is a negative attitude. Stations usually portraythe world that is not genuine whereby most things that happen on thescreen are not possible in the actual world. As a result, some peoplecan hate themselves when they compare their living standards with thelifestyles of those people acting on the screens. For example, peoplecan dislike their marriage when they compare it with those marriagesportrayed in the soap operas. Also, TVs have been associated with theincrease in drug and substance abuse. The adverts displayed on thescreens can lure people to indulge in drug abuse.

Onething that I associate with the television’s influence is becomingan accountant. Since I was a kid, the family used to watch a programon the television about accountants. This program equipped me withthe knowledge on how accountants behave when in their practice andthat gave me a strong desire of becoming an accountant. This is anindication that television can influence the choice that people makein their lives.