TheEnglish rock band, the Beatles, are considered to be the mostinfluential act of rock music. They were active in the sixties, buttheir influence has never been felt ever since. This paper seeks tohighlight the most influential Beatle. In my opinion, I believe themost influential Beatle of them all is Sir Paul McCartney. Sir PaulMcCartney is a twenty-one time Grammy award winning artist with overtwenty-five million sold units that are RIAA certified.

Hisversatile style over the years has in cooperated a mix of jazz, folkand blues influences. He has also composed electronic and classicalmusic. McCartney is a self-taught musician who plays variousinstruments among them the bass guitar(Harry,2002).The 1966 Beatles album “Revolver” had a variety of musicalgenres, chief among them was psychedelic rock and string arrangementsthat were innovative. As time moved on long after the Beatles brokeup, he collaborated with other great artists such as Stevie Wonderand Michael Jackson. The collaborations, “Ebony and Ivory” withStevie Wonder and Michael Jackson’s “Say Say Say” both reachedthe number one spot on the Billboard Hot One Hundred in the eighties.In the nineties, his classical work, “Standing Stone” reached thetop of both the US and UK charts. This act shows his longevity andversatility despite aging. He recently collaborated with Kanye Westand Rihanna on the pop single “FourFiveSeconds.”

Hehas written and co-written thirty-two songs that have attained thenumber one spot on the Billboard Hot Hundred. Sir Paul McCartney andJohn Lennon formed one of the most powerful songwriting partnershipin the twentieth century. They wrote one hundred and eighty songsthat were jointly credited. “Yesterday” which had classicalelements was one of their most successful collaboration, and it isthe most covered song of all time. This feat shows the extent theBeatles have had on modern day music. McCartney has indeed left abold fingerprint in music.


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