TheEffects of Divorce and being fired

TheEffects of Divorce and being Fired

Divorceand being fired – Are they similar or do they differ? Currently,there has been an increase in the rates of divorce and unemployment.Due to the tough economic times, couples fight and employers retrenchtheir staff. Divorce is a legal resolution where two partners decideto terminate their marital union by cancelling their responsibilitiesin marriage as laid down by the law. Being fired, on the other hand,is a case where you were employed, and you become laid off thus youbecome unemployed. This essay discusses the effects of divorce andbeing fired, their similarities and differences.

TheEffects of Divorce

Divorcecan affect the family as well as the children. When two people getdivorced, they break the oath they made to each other. The societydiscourages divorce since the couple are supposed to maintain theoath of marriage (Fagan, 2001). Divorce majorly affects children(Stewart, &amp Brenato, 2007). If a couple has, let us say, twochildren, the court may decide that either the children go with themother, or they go with the father. It may also decide that one childgoes with the mother and the other with the father. Raising a childafter a divorce can be hectic. It may cause higher rates of schooldropouts if one of the parents is not financially stable and cannotafford to pay for the education. Some may result in immoralactivities like theft, and joining a gang. However, this does notmean to say that after the divorce both the children and the parentscannot be successful. Divorce can be allowed in a case where one ofthe couples was abusive (Berlin,2004).

TheEffects of being Fired

Whenone is employed, he or she gets affected by job insecurity. This hasboth positive and negative impacts. On the positive impact, if theplace he was working in had poor working conditions or the boss wastemperamental, being fired could be a good thing. However, beingfired deprives an individual of his financial freedom. He now isstressed since he knows he has to begin searching for a new job.Sometimes life becomes hard, and he cannot sustain himself. Thesociety and those who were dependent on him begin to view him in adifferent way (Croukamp,2003).

Similaritiesof the Effects of Divorce and being Fired

Divorceand being fired have similar effects. First, both affect anindividual psychologically, economically, emotionally, and socially.This implies that when one gets divorced the breadwinner ought to payfor child support and the wealth they made when they were marriedneeded to be shared into half (Fagan, 2001). This affects bothparties economically or financially. When one is fired, he will nothave a source of income and therefore it will deprive him financially(Krishnan,1994).

Second,in both, they tend to lose interaction with their friends. This,therefore, affects them socially (Fagan, 2001). Third, in both thesociety may also shun them as the divorced parties did not commit totheir oath while the one being fired will be viewed as not helpingthe community (Krishnan,1994).

Fourth,in both cases, the woman is the one who suffers more. Men are knownto be survivors. They can do anything to get their source of income.However, women may not be able to sustain this. According toresearch, the costs of divorce and getting fired majorly affectswomen (Wachtel, 2011). Their standards of living decrease, as theyneed to budget the little income they have. Fifth, in both of them,most individuals tend to move or relocate to cheaper surroundings orenvironments like a place where they can afford the rent, water, andelectricity in order to minimize their expenses (Krishnan,1994).

Sixth,both will lead to a feeling of resentment. In divorce, the coupleswill hate each other while in the case of redundancy the employeeswill resent the employer and the company at large. Lastly, bothhappen for a reason. Divorce will occur when one of the parties isabusive or when the two are not in agreement and do not feel lovefor each other while retrenchment occurs when the employer has seenthat you do not possess the relevant skills and experience or when hedecides that you are no longer needed in the company (Krishnan,1994).

Differencesof the Effects of Divorce and being Fired

Despitehaving numerous similarities, divorce and being fired have theirdifferences. First, divorce is majorly done by the law that is thecourt while an employer is the one who fires an employee (Berlin,2004). Second,being fired will affect an individual physically as they will have towalk for long distances to look for new job opportunities whiledivorces will not (Croukamp,2003). Third,when a divorce occurs the two parties’ just part ways while whenone is fired, he becomes a part of the unemployed citizens in thecountry.

Fourth,when a couple gets a divorce, the law requires them to share theirassets into half while when one is fired, no assets are shared(Berlin,2004). Fifth,job loss will lead to loss of morale while divorces will not(Wachtel, 2011). By this I mean when one was retrenched without hisown free will, he will be affected psychologically and therefore losemoral of searching for a new job since he fears experiencing the samejob insecurity (Croukamp,2003). However,divorce does not lead to loss of moral in any way. Lastly, divorcechanges the way of thinking of the couples. If it is the woman whowas given the right to live with the children by the court of law,then she ought to think life the mother and the father since she isnow the breadwinner of the family. However, in retrenchment, anindividual’s personality or his way of thinking does not change(Wachtel, 2011).


Divorceand being fired have eminent effects on the family, children,society, and the dependants. When one gets divorced, he or she has tostart a new life. This will affect them psychologically, emotionallyand economically. When one is fired, he ought to look for a new jobopportunity, which will affect him physically and financially. Inboth cases, the affected parties tend to restrain themselves fromsocial lives. The society that depended on them begins to have adifferent view on their role. Finally, their friends run away fromthem, as they would not want others to talk ill about them forassociating with the unemployed and the divorced.


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