The impact of Childhood experiences on Beatles’ Success

The Impact of Childhood experiences on Beatles’ Success

The childhood experiences of the members of The Beatles influencedtheir early music because they grew in an era when rock bands werepopular. During that time, rock music was among the trending genresof music in the UK. It therefore follows that the founder members ofthe group had grown to adore rock music and develop a passion in it(The Beatles, 2016). The environment was also accommodative ofmusicians and Arts in general. The society was slowly getting out ofthe notion that success is only found in traditional careers likeengineering and medicine.

Theinterest in music in the childhood lives of the members also had agreat role to play in their early music. As early as the age ofsixteen, John Lennon already had a vision to form a music group withhis high school friends (The Beatles, 2016). The members were in highschool yet they knew exactly what interests they wanted to pursue,something that is not so common with today’s high school students.

Hadthe members of the group experienced a different childhood, theywould not have been as successful. For instance, if they grew in asociety that did not appreciate pursuing music as a career, theirparents would have dissuaded them from following their interests (TheBeatles, 2016). If the members had not developed interest in musicfrom early in life, they would not have been so great to the extentof landing shows during the early days of their music groups. Inaddition, the public was in love with the genre that they hadspecialized in, hence the reason for their enormous success.


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