TheInspiration behind choosing a Career in Hospitality Industry

Acareer in Hospitality Industry

Theinspiration behind my love for hospitality management course is thevariety of opportunities that it offers. As a social person, theenvironment presented by the hospitality industry would best suit me.The hospitality environment allows a person to connect with manypeople of different personalities and culture. Interacting withdiverse groups of people will automatically develop my social skillsand enhance my professional network.

Whatinspired me most is a great deal of chances that the hospitalityindustry offers including risk management, legal support, strategyand planning, finance, sales and marketing, revenue management, andhealth and safety. This diversity makes me confident that I will geta job in the future. Another inspiration behind my love for thehospitality industry is its rewarding nature. It rewards bothfinancially and emotionally. A person can be given the responsibilityof managing various departments that attract high financial rewardsor become a customer service representative who puts smiles on otherpeople’s faces. Seeing other people happy is equally rewarding to ahospitable person.

Ilove traveling. I have this strong desire to travel all over theworld, and a hospitality career is an exemplary field for me. Allover the world, new resorts and hotels are coming up making newopportunities for the lovers of the hospitality industry. Therefore,relocation for an enjoyable career adventure becomes achievable andvacation locales visits become part of a person’s career. Moreover,besides traveling, I like creating new things. The hospitalityindustry supports innovation irrespective of the commodity a personwants to develop, be it a drink, a vacation, or food.

Pursuinga hospitality management course will enable me to build an enrichingcareer in the field of hospitality and allow me to move up thesuccess ladder.