TheMeaning of Art

TheMeaning of Art

When oneis asked about what art is, there are several answers that come intothe mind of the person. What some people refer to as art is actuallynothing more than examples of different types of art. According toTolstoy in his book “what is Art”, people tend to hold their ownpersonal view that art means beauty, that is, the one thatparticularly give people some kind of pleasure. Through this personallens, we refer to art as something that has some sort of perfectionand, therefore, base our definition of art only on beauty andperfection. People whose perception of art is based on beauty withoutconsidering other things cannot be able to realize the true meaningof art.

Thelife of a human being is full of art, these ranges from the clotheswe wear, the songs we listen to and the films we watch. Art,therefore, refers to the artistic aspects of an activity that are ofgreat essence. In the ancient Greek, people had a perception that themeaning of art largely depended on an individual’s view on themeaning of life. Art, therefore, was taken to be anything thatencouraged the transfer of good emotions while preserving humility.

Accordingto Tolstoy, art refers to various activities of human beings that donot exist for their own sake but exists to add value to humanity. Art, therefore, means the activities that bring people together andbind them in the same feelings and emotions, that is, something thatplays the role of transmitting feelings from an artist to theaudience. Such feelings and emotions are the basis of art. An artistin this case, is a mode of sharing feelings so that other people getto feel what he feels.


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