demonstrating that the characters have been corrupted by theirpossessions. As a result, they act carelessly, which becomes evidentwhen they abandon Gatsby. Tom and Daisy only seem to value theirwealth and have little regard for other people. In addition, they areirresponsible since any problems the couple encountered were solvedby other people. This is evident when Nick states that they “letother people clean up the mess they had made (Fitzgerald 170).”

Fitzgerald choice of words is aimed at demonstrating the awfulpersonalities as well as moral limitations of the characters. Forinstance, the words “smash” and “creature” suggest that thecouple destroyed anything they came into contact with. Fitzgeraldalso insinuates that Tom and Daisy create problems, which cause harmto other people. As such, their behavior makes them comparable topeople who are inconsiderate towards hurting others.

The author uses the quote to bring out the theme of wealth. Inspecific, Fitzgerald focuses on the negative consequences of havingtoo much wealth. The novel’s rich characters are depicted asselfish as well as corrupt. This is because the rich people in thenovel are able to live in a world where their ill actions lackconsequences. They use money to cover up for their mistakes.

The quote equates having money to being powerful. As such, theprosperous individuals are able to control those who do not havemoney. Hence, it becomes important for one to have money in order tosurvive in a society like Tom and Daisy’s. It also seems thatpeople stick together as a couple because they have money, whichmakes love irrelevant.

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