AnAnalysis of Narratives to Identify Critical Thinking Contexts inPsychiatric Clinical Practice

Selectionof this article was provoked by the feeling that I have fordiscoursing the issues affecting our students and their clients inthe psychiatric field. The failure to address the arising issueswithin this section completely affects the healthcare delivery systemin a negative way. I therefore chose this article to articulate whatis being dispensed to the teachers of the nursing fraternity togetherwith their esteemed nursing students to ensure the hiccupsexperienced shall be worked out smoothly. The improvement of thestudent’s critical action ability should be well covered throughteaching and then practiced at the wards or health facilities. Toensure a good awareness system, the teachers also require thisarticle to understand what the learners need to be taught in effortsto improve their critical thinking.


Fromthe article, “Ananalysis of narratives to identify critical thinking contexts inclinical psychiatric practice”the researcher tries to explain a variety of the personal feelingsand perceptions of the nursing students while they attend to theirclients. Several factors have been found to be key reasons for thesour relations between the service providers and customers in thecontext. Critical thinking and decisions making for many studentswere influenced by specific factors which include anxiety, conflict,hyper-awareness and dilemma.

Thestudy has also tried to seek the methods that seem appropriate forchanneling the information needed on our topic of interest. It wasdiscovered that, the students preferred a direct open discussion toair out their views and feeling rather than writing comprehensivereports. Despite focusing on the personal feeling and perspectives inthe psychiatric departments, the data collected also showed a greatercorrelation between the patient and student nurses’ reactions thanthe personal opinions shared in the papers.


Criticalthinking is not just a mere word of concern as many perceive it, butalso a term to learn and understand its weight in the social andinteractive life. Possession of this virtue is a requirement thatcuts across all the professions since quality results are needed forproper decision-making and thinking. It is very important, therefore,to see a fulfillment in the acquaintance of the pro by the nursingguild. Patients with psychological instabilities require a goodunderstanding and sharing of their conditions to help them recover.Critical decisions have an obligation to guide the less experiencednurses to develop similar analytical abilities that would ease theirinteractions with their patients. It is. Thus, an important articleto articulate the word.

Thecare for the community as a whole without looking at individualsetbacks such as health, or social status was driving factor forcarrying out the research study so as a consensus on how patientsreactions, unwell instances can be understood by the serviceproviders on the other hand who are stable health wise. Anunderstanding of the two sides can only be achieved through propercritical thinking and thus, the reason for this study.

Itgives a baseline for which we all now learn that to understand somesituation and also take proper decisions we need to have criticalthinking abilities, and these can be acquired from learning andexperiences. In reality for example, as a nurse, I ought to be taughthow to how to respond to my clients at first instances to create agood rapport. This should be demonstrated in class before I get topractical. It, therefore, crucial to get concerned of what you writesince all the students wrote in the narratives gave all theirfeelings and experiences and the information should not be biased asit represents your personality.


Insummary, to find out the proper information on this topic, an opendiscussion about individuals` feelings and experiences would be veryresourceful, and thus encouragement of similar study methods shouldbe done. A study in this areas is important since it will help toequip the teachers with proper skills that they need to teach thelearners on how to handle their patients as a whole.