TimeManagement and Study Skills

Intrying to manage my time, creating a daily schedule seems quitechallenging. It is because of the unpredictability of the way eventsunfold. They may fall within my planned schedule hence making ithard to observe my time as I had planned. Prioritizing what is ofmore importance and leaving out those things of less importance wouldhelp me know what to do and what to leave. My studies are of a biggerpriority than other events that may come by.

Sayingno to time wastage such as when hanging out with friends is alsoquite difficult. However with my focus on my education, I will beable to counter such allures and study. It is hard for one to set agood pace early in the semester as one feels they have plenty oftime. By starting to form good study habits such as light reading andnot procrastinating, I will be able to utilize my time properlythroughout the semester.

Itis also hard to combine activities since some need one to multitaskwhich is challenging. Combining operations may also cause lack ofconcentration since most events are full of distractions. It is ofimportance to try out different combination of activities so as toknow which are suitable and which serve as distractions.

Itis hard for one to reward self on the assumption that they aresticking to their plan. Acquiring a study partner would aid inassessing one`s progress. Partners would pay each other basing ontheir dedication towards their schedule. There should also bepunitive measures taken when partners do not observe their schedule.