Topic:Obesityin Children

Obesityin Children

Inthe contemporary world, diseases that were initially thought to befor adults affect children. Obesity has become a widespread and majordisease among children. Presently, the rising number of overweightadults and children has developed into a global problem. Obesity isnot a critical issue and keeps increasing on a daily basis inchildren of school going age. There are some reasons behind it thatmake it important to identify the causes and solutions that may behelpful in dealing with it.

Obesityis mainly caused by eating the wrong kinds of food such as junk. Itis typically though that children love and prefer coke, noodles,pizzas, burgers, and other forms of junk foods. These foods can beaccessed easily in school canteens. They further prefer to buy icecream, chocolates, and chips for their lunch meals. Furthermore, inthis present modern times, parents are busy with work, thus may nothave sufficient time to cook in their homes. Therefore, theyregularly purchase dinner for their families rather than preparinghealthy foods at home. The diets they buy are rich in calories andend up making the children obese. This issue can be dealt withthrough teaching children how to cook foods that are healthy bythemselves and prohibiting fizzy drinks and other junk foods inschool canteens. Fruits, milk, or fresh juices among others canreplace such diets.

Anothercause of obesity is living lifestyles that are sedentary. Televisionsand computer usage have greatly increased in children as they arespending more and more time playing games on computers and watchingtelevision. This advancement in technology has decreased the degreeof physical activity in particular age group (Moreno Aznar,Pigeot, &amp Ahrens, 2011). Todeal with this problem, children must be encouraged to carry out moreexercises that are physical. Children can be taken to parts so thatthey can be encouraged to play with others. Further, schools shouldinclude sporting activities in curriculums as a means of maintainingthe fitness of students.

Ultimately,it is clear that the key causes of obesity are poor eating and lackof sufficient physical exercise. It is possible to prevent thisailment and also treat it through embracing healthy eating and beinginvolved in more physical activities.


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