It is evident that the tourism industry of any country is affectedimmensely by the economy, political instability and the social issuesof a country. When the economy is stable, the citizens will havesufficient disposable income that they can spend for leisure hencepromoting the tourism industry. When the economy of a country ispoor, the citizens will have little money for recreation and the mostaffected industry is the tourism sector. This is because the citizenscannot even afford to go to some of the best tourist hotels orbeaches. Secondly, political stability is essential for the tourismindustry, and lack of it affects the industry severely. For instance,countries such as Afghanistan that have experienced politicalupheavals have had a subtle number of tourists. The politicalstability and the goodwill from the politicians end up attractingnumerous tourists hence promoting the industry. The society must beready to welcome the tourists in any country. Failure by thecommunity to welcome the visitors will severely affect the industry.

Countries receive tourists from all over the world. These visitorscomprise of people with varying cultural backgrounds and socialnorms. The interaction between the tourists and the local populationsensures that they learn new cultural behaviors and social norms fromeach other. For example, some visitors from the western world come tothe African countries such as Kenya and South Africa. The culture ofpeople from the western countries is different from that of thepeople from other parts of the world. This means that the Africanswill learn aspects such as new language and new cooking methods fromthe white people. On the other hand, when Africans visit the whites,the also affect their culture through teaching them new languages andintroducing them to new foods.