UsingModels to change behavior activities

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UsingModels to Change Behavior Activities

  1. Numerous complaints have been filed on students’ behavior lately

  2. Use of narcotics and other drug substances may be the cause of the alteration in their way of behavior. I would, therefore, like to address the cause of the problem thus helping them leave their drug abuse practices through learning. Learning is the alteration in our way of thinking so we can change our behavior.

  3. To cope with this challenge, students need proper motivation from a person of high integrity as their role model. You can first gain their attention by introducing the discussion in the process of the lessons. Asking about their views would properly motivate them as they would feel they are part of the event. A young person with a successful career would serve as a good reference. The students would feel compelled to imitate them so they can be as successful as their model is.

  4. Use of direct modeling would be quite efficient as the students get to hear about the cons of substance abuse directly from their model. We can adopt a motivating person such as the chairperson of the school board as our model.

  5. We can use a guidance and counseling officer as a guest model as the students may find it easier to communicate with strangers than those within the school on sensitive matters. They are efficient at providing professional insight into these issues and help in tackling the hard aspects that the role model may see as challenging. They would also follow up on their clients.