The epidemiological triangle provides a clear understanding of therelationship among the cause agent, the hosts, and the environment(Hitchcock &amp Schubert, 2013). The causal agent is theMycobacterium tuberculosis while the hosts are the migrant farmworkers from Latin America who appear to be at the greatest risk. Theenvironment, in this case, constitutes of the farms where the migrantHispanic young workers converge as co-workers. It is clear that thereis a direct relationship among the causal agents, the hosts, and theenvironment. One of the migrant workers could have been infected withthe disease and thus spread it to the other co-workers. The proximityof farm workers is close and therefore the likelihood of spreadingthe disease is very high. The farm workers also spend considerabletime together and therefore increasing the chances of spreading thedisease.

It is essential for Debbie to inform the necessary healthdepartments such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention whowill take the critical steps to control the spread of the disease(Page &amp Cole, 2014). It is also important to inform the communityhealth representatives who will take the necessary measures of stopany further spread of the disease to the community. The communityleaders should make sure that the farm workers are thoroughlyscreened for TB before being allowed to interact with the people(Cwikel, 2015).

Information systems could be critical in ensuring that Debbie’sefforts are known to all the communities living close to the farms(Timmreck, 2012). The information systems could also be used to reachto the farm workers who are yet to be screened for TB. It is onlythrough the information systems that the government healthdepartments can disseminate information regarding the outbreak andthe possible spread of the disease.


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