Vedasare holy scripts according to Hindus, just as Holy Bible scripts areto the Christians. To them, these religious texts define the truthfor those people who believe in Hinduism. Hindus have a strongconviction that Vedas were given from God and passed from generationto generation through a word of mouth until when they were recorded(Gerner,&nbsp2008).Hindus just like any other people their life involves worship,marriage, birth, death, and other social activities. But these socialactivities are influenced by the dictum that stems out of Veda texts.

Ifyou have noticed, the Hindu culture is a religious one, and it hasbeen enhanced by Veda teachings. For instance, when people marryvarious prayers are performed such as Garbhadana, which preparescouples for conception. Also, during the pregnancy, prayers areperformed to protect the fetus from evil spirits and grant a childhealthy physical and mental growth. Once the child has been born,other ceremonies such as naming, shaving, ear-piercing, and sacredthread are performed according to Brahmanas. The believers are taughtSamhitas, Aranyakas, and Upanishads (Gerner,&nbsp2008).

Theserituals and teachings have remained to be very crucial in maintainingsocial order and the cosmos. Also, the Hindus burn the corpseaccording to their god of fire, Agni to prevent spirits from roamingin the land of the living. The Veda texts have also dictated the law,social justice and the moral nature of the Hindu people(Gerner,&nbsp2008).This has been made possible through various deities’characteristics and moral stories, which are narrated and captured bythe Veda texts.

Forinstance, the story of Varuna is used to depict justice and protectorof social order as he was the executor and keeper of Rita, theexternal law. Moreover, texts about Prince Rama rescuing Sita fromthe evil demon Rama, with the help of Hanuman, the Monkey god, showthat good always prevails over evil (Gerner,&nbsp2008).These teachings and much more have influenced how the Hindus live insociety and carry out most of their worship activities. Thus, theVedas texts have greatly influenced the social lives of the Hindupeople in their birth, naming, upbringing, worship, marriage,believes, social classes, death and any other ritual or activity oftheir life.


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