Visa Reapplication

Part One

Why do you want to study at USA? What do you think is thedifference between Chinese university and USA University?

UnlikeChinese institutions, the universities in the USA offer a wide rangeof courses to allow student to choose their area of interest. Inaddition, I can also pick classes according to my schedule. The USAalso has a culturally diverse environment, not like China. This willallow me make friends with many students from other countries likeSaudi Arabia, South Africa, and South America.

Whydo you pick your major? Did you pick it or your parents?

Ipicked this major because it has been my interest from time I was achild. My parents did not influence my decision at all. Also, I wasencouraged further when I knew that my major pays well aftergraduation.

Doyour parents know you got recessed from MSU?

Yesthey do. My mother was disappointed at first. I explained my reasons,and she agreed to give me a second chance. I am happy my family wasthere for me when I needed it the most.

Why,was your TOEFL grade quiet well, but did not do well in firstsemester

TOEFLis a language exam. It has a small syllabus to cover and I had threemonths to prepare. But what we learn in class, the English is moretechnical. I always had to use the online translator to translate mylecture notes to Chinese. I was also surprised at how insufficient myEnglish was.

Whydid you pick MSU?

MSUranks higher than most universities in my country China. When Isearched online, I saw that it has good facilities for learning mymajor. I also liked the student population and the extra curriculumactivities it has.

Doyou have any family in USA?

No,I do not. If I get kicked out of my apartment, I will end up on thestreets like the homeless people.

Personal Statement

My name is Qingling Li. I rent a house with my friend Junhao Shi at2929 Hannah blvd, Hannah lofts and townhomes. During the time ofrecess, I went to back China because my i20 did not allow me to stayin the USA. Before going back to China, I explained the wholesituation to my roommate Junhao Shi.While in China, my roommateasked me if it would be okay to allow his friend to move into myempty room so they share rent. I said yes, because honestly I hadlost hope of being readmitted.

As I came to learn later, the two had differences, and they decidedto move out. No one had the courtesy to tell me. So Junhao Shistopped paying the rent. Recently when I got readmitted to MSU, I wasplanning to go back, I found out the situation and I tried to contactJunhao Shi and Weicheng-tzeng but they refused to talk to me. I foundout that they got kicked out of the house because they stopped payingrent.

I tried to contact the company by email and phone because I signedthe contract and I know honesty is a really important character inUSA. I decided I will pay for all the money they owed. I alreadytalked with my parents and they support me about it.

I am writing down this statement to avoid any misunderstand duringthe Visa process. I do not owe any rent arrears although the lease isunder my name. However, in order to clear my name, I have decided topay all the arrears. I already contacted the company by email on July19th and waiting to see how much I need to pay and how can I pay forit.