help us to relay information in our research, proposals, and theyimpact how one understands the information being relayed. When usingvisuals one must ensure that they are precise, clear and provideadditional information in the proposal. In this assignment, I willfocus on two visuals from the web that are misleading andirresponsible due to designers’ ignorance.

CaseStudy 1


Thelink above shows a visual of a 3D graph used to demonstrate theanalysis of a company’s production rate. The first impression thatthe graph gives the viewer is that it looks impressive, and itcatches the attention of the viewer. As earlier stated a visualshould be able to relay more information that is precise and clearbut in this case it`s different. The graph is not accurate because itis hard to determine the correct figure of the products the companyhas. The 3D graph forces the viewer to estimate the correct or closevalues of the products. The best alternative is to use a 2D graphwith grid lines because the viewer will be able to get the exactvalues. A 2D graph is easier to interpret and understand compared toa 3D graph.

CaseStudy 2


Thevisual on the link is a line graph that shows the sale of particularproducts in a period of one financial year. The line graph hasinformation about different products that are defined by the color ofthe line. Each color represents a different type of product andinformation is relayed out properly to the viewer. If the viewer iscolor blind, will he or she analyze the line graph correctly? Thedesigner has neglected the fact that the viewer might be color blind.It is stated that 7% of the population suffer from color visiondeficiency hence it is important for the designer to acknowledge thatthe viewer might be color blind. The best alternative solution tosolve this problem is to create a graph for each product.


Itis important to use visuals that would not lead the viewer tomisinterpret the information that is being relayed. The designer orauthor has to acknowledge all the factors that might lead the viewernot to understand the visual and create a visual that is flawless.