Contreras 2

Voicesof freedom Questions

  1. Reading 118 Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom

  1. Why does Wilson say, “The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power”?

Fromthe statement, Wilson Woodrow implies that liberty originates fromthe government’s subjects and it was achieved through bloodshed andresistance. Therefore, the powers of the government belong to thepeople but the financial kings in the industrial sector enjoy all theprivileges yet the people desire to experience the government powers.

  1. How does he propose to protect “our freedom for the next generation”?

Woodrowproposes that to protect the freedom for the future generations,there is need to regulate the government powers. The governmentpowers should be reduced and granted to the people.

  1. Reading 123 A Critique of the Versailles peace Conference

  1. According to Mao, in what parts of the world was the principle of national self- determination adhered to, and where was it violated?

According to Mao, the principle of national self-determination waspracticed in America and Asia but was violated in Germanyunder the leadership of Hitler.

  1. Why does Mao feel sorry for President Wilson?

Mao feels sorry for President Wilson because during the Treaty ofVersailles discussions, President Wilson was forced tosign the agreement and was not given the opportunity toexpress his opinions and seek the truth of the matter.

  1. Reading 124 Carrie Chapman Catt, Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage

  1. Why does Cat claim that denying women the right to vote violates the principle of democracy

Democracy,advocates for all the right of all Americans to vote, therefore,denying women their right to vote is an infringement of democracy.

  1. How does Catt characterize women who do not support the campaign for suffrage?

Cattrefers to women who do not support the campaign for suffrage as“clinging vines” and “slave souls”. These women hold on tomen power and do not fight for women empowerment or participate inelections.