Waysto Monitor Employee Computer Use

Waysto monitor employee computer use

SunTrustBanks, Inc. is one of the largest and strongest investment andfinancial holding companies in the nation with its headquarters inMetro Atlanta. Through its various banking subsidiaries, thecorporation offers credit, deposit, and investment services tobusiness, retail and institutional customers. It also has severalsubsidiaries that provide investment management, mortgage banking,brokerage, capital market service and equipment leasing. TheMetro-Atlanta based firm enjoys leading market positions in U.S.Because the firm focuses on financial products, security is paramountto its operations. Apart from focusing on improving its products, theenterprise focuses on providing excellent customer care services toits clients. However, for the firm to continue meeting itsobjectives, the management should find ways of monitoring theemployees` use of computers and protect itself and its customers fromonline theft and other forms of fraud as well as improve on itsproductivity.

Itis important to note that most financial institutions are at the riskof hacking and other forms of cyber crimes. Therefore, it will berecommendable for Sun Trust Banks Inc. management to monitor howemployees use computers. According to Gralla &amp Lindley (2006),employee monitoring is just one of the ways of ensuring endpointsecurity that entails everything from asset tracking to policyenforcement and malware protection. The company can adoptendpoint-security system that is comprehensive in nature. Themanagement can install Web-hosted system that combines the PC`ssoftware with all the remote monitoring services with the objectiveof not only protecting the computers but also enforcing compliancewith the organization`s policies. The management team at The SunTrust Banks Inc. can consider combining different complimentary toolslike the desktop security suite with others such as professionaltracking software that can easily detect suspicious activities.

TheSun Trust Banks Inc. management should focus on email. Citing Kurtz &ampBoone (2009), an effective email policy would enlighten the employeesabout the email system of the company. The employees would know thatit is meant for business use only and any form of harassment, illegalor unwelcoming use of the email can result in severe disciplinaryactions. It is important to inform the employees that monitoring willbe conducted to ensure company`s safety. In case themanagement/system detects unauthorized personal use of the company`semail, the incident would be handled as a form of policy violation.However, it is important for the management to ensure that thepersonal emails of the employees are not circulated randomly by nosyor curious colleagues. This is because the practice could lead toprivacy invasion or defamation lawsuits. Therefore, it isrecommendable for the computer experts to attach a disclaimer in allthe email of the Sun Trust Banks Inc. with a warning on themonitoring policy. This would warn the unintended recipients aboutthe confidential information of the company.

Morley(2014) recommends the use of check reports regularly. The Sun TrustBanks Inc. management can put in place a point for generating usagereports and look at them regularly. Additionally, the Sun Trust BanksInc. management should take time and spot-check the reports that thesoftware monitoring the PCs. The mentioned would enable themanagement to identify all the potentials problems early and alsotake the necessary potential actions. For example, if the employeesare spending most of their time on a particular website, themanagement should consider sending an email to them informing them ofthe same.

Inconclusion, it is evident that there are so many ways that Sun TrustBanks Inc. management can monitor the way that employees use theircomputers. These include installing web-hosting system, monitoringthe company`s emails, and using check reports regularly. Thementioned can be practiced without violating employees` privacy.


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