Weaponof Mass Destruction Threat Assessment

Weaponof Mass Destruction Threat Assessment

The9/11 incident showed that there is a need for the federal governmentto plan for a terrorist attack involving a weapon of massdestruction. The United States continues to face a complex securitysituation that is brought about by the ever changing tactics used byterrorists. The greatest threat facing the nation, at the moment, isweapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorists, whohave expressed their desire to use them to hurt the Americans [ CITATION Bow02 l 1033 ].

Planningfor an attack involves, mainly, medical and public health. The healthcomponent is significant since mostly a bioterrorism attack wouldmean that causalities will be massive hence, the need for quickresponse. The responsibility of assessing the threats falls under theNational Health Professions Preparedness Consortium (NHPPC). Theorganization is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that thenation comes up with a long-term plan that is focused on improvingits capability of dealing with such threats. The organizationincreases the country`s capacity through training medical and publichealth personnel on how to address such incidences. Despite suchefforts, there has been no particular focus on the health componentsince most health centers are only equipped to deal with a smallnumber of causalities. As the threat of an attack, on American soil,keeps increasing, there is the need for the NHPPC to address suchconcerns and make sure that the health facilities and hospitals arewell equipped with trained personnel.

Bothfederal and local governments do not receive adequate funding to plansufficiently and prepare for such an incident mainly because of thehandles at the congress. The current funding is too low for both thefederal and local governments to put the necessary measures that areaimed at increasing the nation`s capability of dealing with weaponsof mass destruction attack. The nation is vulnerable because of manysymbolic targets and porous borders. Funding for both governmentsneeds to be a top priority to ensure that the necessary measures aretaken to curb such attacks [ CITATION Bow02 l 1033 ].


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