Wk1 6551 Practicum: Journal Entry

REFLECTION:My Practicum Journal

Site:Nursing Library

May27, 2016(Thursday)

Thisweek I am going to analyze the menopausal symptoms in midlife ofwomen. Feminists state that menopause has been discussed in silenceand secrecy because it is considered a taboo in mostsocieties(Miller, 2009). Cultural perceptions have greatly impactedon the women’s attitude and management towards menopauseexperiences and symptoms. Women always have a negative perception andare always keep to themselves in traditional, immigrant and even themodern cultures. This has been attributed to both modifiable andnon-modifiable factors within the societies. Due to the increasedsecrecy associated with the perception of menopause, a majority ofwomen have decided not to seek the right medication whencomplications occur(Roush, 2010).It is only through reaching thewomen and enhancing their participation that will lead to a feelingof control of the symptoms of menopause and generally improved healthstatus among the women from the most affected societies. Thesituation is manageable if only the health practitioners employtop-notch levels of evidence in relation to the menopause management.It is also necessary for the practicing medical officers tofamiliarize with the cultural and the psychosocial effects that comealong with menopause. However, to make it more effective it isnecessary for the women to be empowered for them to be able to airtheir views and make decisions touching on menopausal management.Iwill develop an effective schedule on how the negative perceptioncould be shelved away from women in the quest to manage thesituation.

Thegoal in this practicum will include the identification of majorfactors that hinder women from seeking medical help when they areaffected by menopausal symptoms. I will strive to establish mobilecenters outside the health facility so that I can easily get theviews of women on how they avoid societal views on their sexuality toseek medical help. The objectives for this practicum will be toincrease the number of women who seek medical help when on menopausalperiods, to develop an elaborate system that allows women to easilyshare their experiences in health units, and to increase medical helpamong women who experience menopausal effects. Provision of moresanitary towels to women in midlife will also form one of my majorobjectives in this practicum. According to Orshan (2008), developmentof an effective system that allows the society to change their viewtowards this feminine characteristic forms a subsidiary mandatetowards the practicum objectives.



9.05A.M -12.05 P.M a brief overview of the class learning materials

12.55P.M-3. 00P.MOverview of Menopausal complication records


9.00A.M-12.00 Development of an effective framework on how to instillcourage in women with Menopausal symptoms.

1.05P.M-2.55 P.M Review of the number of women


9.00-3.00 P.M Sessions with each woman on effects of Menopausal control.


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