Women, Crime, andJustice


From the Center for Disease Control report, what I found interestingwas the authors’ finding that 0.5% of men reported having beenvictims of rape perpetrated by an intimate partner during theirlifetime. It came to me as a surprise that such a substantialproportion of men could have been forced by their lovers into sexualintercourse. I think Melissa Harris-Perry’s interview brought tothe attention of policy makers the shortcomings of some of the lawsguiding sexual offense cases. The fact that Clem was made to pay $2,381 as restitution for raping Courtney Andrews demonstrates how lawsfail to deter potential perpetrators of sexual violence.

The invisible war

Question 2

I do not think that it is possible for our society to respect womenwho are in positions of strength and authority. Many people,especially men presume that women who are in positions of authorityare beneficiaries of some form of affirmative action. In allprofessions, women are sexualized. It is thought that the only waywomen can get help is by offering sex to colleagues and especiallytheir seniors. The situation is even worse for women in themilitary. In the documentary, 23% of the serving female soldiersreported having experienced some form of sexual assaults. Out of thislarge number, only a small proportion of the cases ended up with theconviction of the suspect. First, the process of reporting sexualassault cases in the military is hectic. Additionally, the militarychiefs still think that opening criminal proceedings against theperpetrators of sexual assaults will tarnish the department’s name.

The HuntingGround

Question 3

I was not surprised by the way university administrators handled thereports of sexual violence in the film, The Hunting Ground. Rape is aserious crime that can result in widespread fear among students ifnot well reported. As such, I expect the university administrators tobe prompt when conducting investigations involving rape and handlethe information they receive as confidential to prevent it fromgetting into the wrong hands. I think the victims of the crime ofbattery also suffer the same consequence as their counterparts whoare raped. If a husband is battered, the society views him as havingfailed in providing leadership and catering for his family`s needs.On the other hand, battered women are viewed as being thick-headedand having made attempts to topple their husbands. Also, victims ofassaults perpetrated against sex workers are viewed as deserving ofwhat happen to them.